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14th December

Solar power prices to continue falling through 2025, experts say



12th December

Shape-shifting metamaterial flows like a liquid, remembers its shape

"Chasing Ice" movie reveals largest iceberg break-up ever filmed



11th December

Do we live in a computer simulation? Researchers say idea can be tested



6th December

An update on Mars One

In the US, surgeons implant the first brain 'pacemaker' for Alzheimer's disease



5th December

New wind turbines could be cost-competitive with fossil fuels – even without subsidies

New optical tweezers trap specimens just a few nanometres across



3rd December

Record high for global carbon emissions



2nd December

New reference added for 2022 – Nanotech clothes are growing rapidly in use

Breathtaking image of storm clouds on Saturn



1st December

2072 – Advanced nanotech clothing

Burger-making machine could replace human workers

Major breakthrough in deciphering bread wheat's genetic code

Future astronauts could use Moon rock and 3D printers to make tools and equipment on site



29th November

The Living Building Challenge

The biggest breakthrough in propulsion since the jet engine



27th November

Future sea level maps

Alzheimer's disease in mice alleviated, promising therapeutic approach for humans



26th November

New poll: If offered the chance, would you live on Mars?

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24th November

New featured video

Disney teaches a humanoid robot to play catch and juggle balls

Microsoft files patent for augmented reality glasses



23rd November

Star Trek classroom: the next generation of school desk



22nd November

Nanotech device mimics dog's nose to detect explosives

European Ministers agree to invest in space to boost competitiveness and growth

Cartilage made easy with novel hybrid printer

Researchers define key events early in the process of cellular aging



21st November

Mars Science Laboratory has made an "earthshaking" discovery that is "one for the history books."



20th November

2032 – Britain's ash trees have been wiped out by a fungal disease

2032 – One-third of Saudi Arabia's electricity comes from solar

Pull the plug on killer robots, say Human Rights Watch



19th November

Shocking decline in UK birdlife

Breakthrough nanoparticle halts multiple sclerosis



17th November

Free Water

Solar Roadways

Miniature "bio-bots" made of hydrogel and heart cells



15th November

PBS NOVA: What Will the Future Be Like?

Explore the Galaxy

"You'll hear more": Obama backs national climate debate



14th November

MasterCard introduces next generation 'Display Card' technology



13th November

Longevity gene found to make Hydra immortal and humans live longer



12th November

2060 – Technology has transformed modern education

Herpes 'bottleneck' could lead to new treatment



11th November

2040 – Pollen counts have more than doubled

2043 – Slovenia closes down its only nuclear power plant

2046 – The UK state pension age has risen to 70



10th November

Ketamine could rapidly treat depression, scientists say

Speech recognition breakthrough for the spoken, translated word



9th November

Leisure-time physical activity extends life expectancy as much as 4.5 years



8th November

2017 – The world's first HIV vaccine is commercially available

'Terminator' arm is world's most advanced prosthetic limb

New super-Earth may be just right to support life



7th November

Star formation slumps to 1/30th of its peak

NimbRo-OP Humanoid TeenSize Open Platform Robot

Why sea levels are rising ahead of predictions

Public health pandemics that could strike in the future



5th November

The Solar Foundation reports 13.2% growth in U.S. solar jobs

Cystic kidney growth curbed



3rd November

CIROS, the salad-making robot



2nd November

The first gene therapy in the Western world

"Smart highways" coming to the Netherlands in 2013

A step closer to rollable, foldable e-Devices

The $300 prosthetic arm



1st November

Self-healing concrete



30th October

Britain's first 4G mobile network is launched

Titan supercomputer performs over 20,000 trillion calculations per second



29th October

Carbon nanotube breakthrough by IBM could lead to the next generation of computer chips



28th October

Oakley introduces Airwave ski goggles with heads-up display

Not-so-permanent permafrost

2025 – Completion of Masdar City



27th October

2020 – The first self-sufficient, car-free city in mainland China

Swarm robots cooperate with augmented reality drone

New York City's greenhouse gas emissions – visualised



26th October

World's first commercial vertical farm opens in Singapore



25th October

DARPA's latest humanoid robot

Edited 2030 – Global population is reaching crisis point (includes some additional information and references)

2030 – Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (JUICE) reaches the Jovian system



23rd October

Thousands of nano-machines mimic human muscle



22nd October

Tissue-engineered kidneys: researchers make important strides

World's first mobile service for real-time translation between Japanese and other languages



21st October

3D Printshow London 2012

2017 – The Cheops satellite is deployed to study exoplanets

2014 – Scotland votes "no" to independence



20th October

2013 – Food prices are triggering riots around the world



19th October

2013 – The European Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) is operational

NASA demonstrates robotic exoskeleton for space and possible use on Earth



18th October

Daily multivitamin use lowers cancer occurrence in men

Massive new rocket being planned by SpaceX

Madagascar's palms near extinction

New techniques stretch carbon nanotubes and make stronger composites



17th October

Robotic wheelchair from Chiba Tech

Pluto's moons and possible rings may be hazards: New Horizons and the gauntlet it may encounter in 2015

Earth-sized planet found orbitting Alpha Centauri

Tropical cyclones are occurring more frequently than before, study shows



16th October

2060 – Tropical cyclones are wreaking havoc in the Mediterranean



15th October

The first quadruple star system to be discovered

2019 – Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system is fully operational



14th October

Eclectic Method – The Future



12th October

It's not easy being green: your eco-friendly car is kinder to some cities than others

Astronomers discover a giant diamond in space

True Skin



11th October

2085 – Five-year survival rates for brain tumours are reaching 100%

Robots using tools



10th October

Greener industries grow faster than overall economy, new EPI study finds

Astrobotic unveils lunar polar robot

New Alzheimer's drug slows the pace of memory loss by over a third

Study maps greenhouse gas emissions to building and street level for U.S. cities



9th October

One in five U.S. adults have no religious affiliation

Fully autonomous high-altitude refuelling

2070 – Five-year survival rates for liver cancer are approaching 100%



7th October

Real-time, full-body motion capture in virtual reality

2039 – Five-year survival rates for leukaemia are approaching 100%

Training computers to understand the human brain

8,400,000 AD – LAGEOS-1 returns to Earth



6th October

2033 – Five-year survival rates for kidney cancer are approaching 100%

2021 – Five-year survival rates for breast cancer are approaching 100%

New featured video



5th October

2020-2025 – Five-year survival rates for Hodgkin's lymphoma are approaching 100%

2015-2019 – Five-year survival rates for thyroid cancer are approaching 100%



4th October

2016 – Launch of the Titanic II

'Green Brain' project aims to create an autonomous flying robot with a honey bee brain



3rd October

The entry for the East Side Access has been moved from 2016 to 2019, based on a new schedule from the MTA. This entry now also includes a map of the planned route.

2016 – High-definition CCTV cameras are ubiquitous

Sea levels could rise nearly 7 metres by 3000 AD



2nd October

Marine animals could hold the key to looking young



1st October

2050 – Fish body size has declined by nearly a quarter

Robot kills weeds on farms with 98% accuracy

Click here for the previous poll results

New poll: Would you trust a self-driving, autonomous car?

Why Siri is the Next Big Thing in Customer Support



29th September

How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, by Ray Kurzweil

2019 – The first manned outpost beyond the Moon begins assembly



28th September

Oculus Rift – a highly immersive, consumer-priced, virtual reality headset

Great ape habitat in Africa has dramatically declined

Biodegradable electronics that vanish in the environment or the body

Food price spikes will get worse as extreme weather caused by climate change devastates food production



27th September

Self-driving cars legalised in California

Scientists make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging

Scientists uncover virus with potential to stop pimples

Spectacular comet to make an appearance in 2013



26th September

Tesla launches revolutionary Supercharger enabling free long distance driving



25th September

Scientists prevent heart failure in mice



24th September

Rapid urban expansion threatens biodiversity



23rd September

1 petabit per second fibre transmission over 50 km



19th September

Are we building Gods or Terminators?



18th September

Rethink Robotics aims to revolutionise manufacturing with humanoid robot



17th September

New graph added for 2060 – Global extinction rates are peaking

New image added for 2059 – Mars has a permanent human presence

Limiting global warming to 2°C is unlikely to save most coral reefs



16th September

Face genes identified

2067 - The first generation of antimatter-powered spacecraft is emerging



15th September

Peter Diamandis on Moore's Law and Changing the World



14th September

2039 - Japan phases out nuclear energy



11th September

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New poll

The results of the previous poll can be seen here



9th September

The Serengeti Highway

Coastal erosion due to rising sea levels has been dramatically underestimated



8th September

Breast cancer survival could reach 100% by 2034; physically active lifestyle helps lower risk

Dawn probe update

Record-breaking distance for quantum teleportation



7th September

Sight - a short futuristic film (HD)



6th September

First commercial wave farm gets go-ahead in the U.S.

Cheetah robot can run faster than humans



5th September

2040 - China's HSR network has been greatly expanded



2nd September

High-tech ferry cuts fuel consumption by 50-100%

World's first HIV/AIDS nanomedicines



1st September

Mars One receives first funding for 2023 manned mission to Mars

2020 - A cure for malaria

A cheap, human-powered washing machine for the developing world

African researchers identify strong candidate for possible single-dose malaria cure



31st August

World's first prototype bionic eye with 24 electrodes



30th August

Intel and IDT to develop wireless charging technology



28th August

Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent ever recorded



25th August

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong, 1930–2012

2017 - A new treatment for prostate cancer

2014 - Google Glass is launched to the public



23rd August

2016 - InSight touches down on Mars

Sea life 'on the brink of a major extinction event'

Lifelike, cost-effective robotic hand can disable IEDs



22nd August

Mars descent video

LG launches world's first 84-inch UD 3D TV

Flood risk ranking reveals vulnerable cities



19th August

2021 - Male birth control pills are entering the market

DNA storage breakthrough



18th August

"Brain hacking" may be possible in the future

2014 - India's first Mars mission



16th August

Male birth control pill moves a step closer



14th August

American wind power reaches 50-gigawatt milestone



13th August

New poll

The results of the previous poll can be seen here

New featured video

More effective treatments for stress and depression could be on the way



12th August

Mitt Romney announces Paul Ryan as vice-presidential running mate



11th August

Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors



9th August

2015-2019 - Genome sequencing continues to improve exponentially



5th August

Mars Science Laboratory

Sainsbury's now the largest solar panel operator in the UK and Europe

3D-printed exoskeleton helps young girl use her arms



4th August

'Spray-on skin' offers 52% greater healing of leg ulcers



3rd August

2026 - Mars Science Laboratory is shutting down



2nd August

A new treatment target for deadly brain tumors



1st August

Completion of the International Space Station has been moved from 2012 to 2014.

200,000 AD - Constellations visible from Earth have been rendered unrecognisable

2023 - Asteroid sample return mission

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29th July

2000 - The Pyrenean Ibex goes extinct

2012 - The Abraj Al-Bait Towers are completed in Mecca

• The entry for Memristor Technology has been moved from 2013 to 2014 - based on a new reference.

The future of energy

NASA's Space Launch System passes major review, moves to preliminary design



28th July

2040 - Completion of the Northeast Corridor high-speed rail route



22nd July

2060-2100 - Global political and economic systems are in a period of immense transition



18th July

World record: Scientists produce the lightest material in the world



17th July

A milestone in HIV prevention

Hypersonic plane to fly at 20 times the speed of sound



14th July

New featured video.



12th July

Planetary Resources Inc. announces agreement with Virgin Galactic for payload services

New biofuel process generates energy 20 times higher than existing methods, and uses agricultural waste



11th July

2014 - Better protection against tooth decay

Hubble discovers a fifth moon orbiting Pluto



8th July

2047 - Unmanned probe to 2060 Chiron

2035 - World tin reserves are running out



5th July

Goal-line technology to go ahead

2031 - Global reserves of lead are running out

2029 - Global reserves of silver are running out



4th July

2026 - Global reserves of indium are running out

CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson



3rd July

2022 - Global reserves of antimony are running out



2nd July

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1st July

Mind-reading scanner helps paralysed to communicate

'Paint-on' batteries demonstrated

100,000,000 AD - The Milky Way has stabilised from an earlier collision

• Updated 750,000,000 AD with a better image.



30th June

2025-2035 - Mouse revival from cryopreservation

2025 - Solid waste is reaching crisis levels

2025 - A comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. airspace system is complete

Q&A with Aubrey de Grey

Mayan archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument



28th June

Microparticles allow survival without breathing



27th June

Robot hand is unbeatable against a human opponent



26th June

2.56 terabits per second achieved by scientists



25th June

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror



24th June

New featured video.

Robots that can touch and feel?

Manned mission to Mars has been moved from 2032 to 2033, based on an additional new reference.



23rd June

2020 - The UK has expanded its offshore grid connections



21st June

Scientists block excess aggression in mice

Inhibition of NF-κB delays aging

Engineers build 50 gigapixel camera



18th June

IBM supercomputer becomes the world's fastest

Indian drug giant Cipla slashes cancer drug prices in a humanitarian move



17th June

2050 - China completes the largest water diversion project in history



16th June

Worldwide decline in physical activity

The Singularity is Near - movie trailer



14th June

NASA's "black hole hunter" is launched



13th June

A major step towards fusion power

Breakthrough in lithium-ion battery technology could lead to cheaper electric vehicles

Record high temperatures in the US

Solar PV installations continue to grow exponentially

Unreal Engine 4.0 – the next generation of graphics

European Extremely Large Telescope given go-ahead



12th June

New poll: Do you support the use of genetically modified (GM) food?

The results of the previous poll can be seen here.

Potential carbon capture role for new CO2 absorbing material



11th June

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10th June

Our blog has now been integrated into the main site. The WordPress version has been archived here in its entirety.



3rd June

Biology & Medicine > Bacteriophage therapy

Blog post: The Geopolitics of Climate Change



2nd June

2015 - LED lamps dominate the commercial and domestic lighting markets

Blog post: Climate change milestone: CO2 reaches 400ppm in the Arctic

Blog post: A permanent base on Mars by 2023?



1st June

Blog post: Neuroscientists reach major milestone in whole-brain mapping

Edited the Andromeda-Milky Way galaxy merger. This has been moved from 3 billion to 3.8 billion AD, based on two new references. Plus it now includes a GIF animation, showing how the merger would appear in the night sky.

2023 - Completion of the London "super sewer"



30th May

Blog post: Nokia Sensing X Challenge



29th May

Blog post: "Personality genes" may help account for longevity



28th May

Blog post: Holograms to replace people at NY airports



26th May

2055 - Spaceflight has taken a leap forward

Blog post: Jet-injected drugs could mean end of needles

New featured video.



24th May

Blog post: NASA developing concepts for future Mars missions

Blog post: Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard



23rd May

Blog post: Russian Space Chief: "We're Talking About Establishing Permanent Bases" On the Moon

Blog post: Hearts damaged by cardiac arrest could be repaired with stem cells



22nd May

Blog post: SpaceX launches Falcon 9 on historic mission



20th May

7,200,000 AD - Mount Rushmore has eroded away



17th May

2058 - The Beatles' music catalogue enters the public domain



16th May

Blog post: Biodiversity declines as global consumption reaches all-time high

Blog post: Transit of Venus



15th May

Blog post: First gene therapy against aging is successful: mouse lifespan extended by 24% with a single treatment



14th May

Blog post: Asteroid Mining: Science or Fiction?



13th May

Energy & the Environment > Arctic sea ice (minimum volume)

Blog post: Teleportation breakthrough



10th May

2051 - An interstellar radio message arrives at Gliese 777



9th May

Blog post: First "microsubmarines" to clean oil spills

Blog post: Russia develops revolutionary new rocket engine



8th May

Blog post: A potential new treatment for obesity



7th May

2025-2030 - Rhinos are going extinct in the wild



6th May

Blog post: The Samsung Galaxy S III

2050 - Humanity is at a crossroads



5th May

New featured video.

Blog post: Aged stem cells rejuvenated to be functionally younger



29th April

New poll added.

The results of the previous poll can be seen here.



24th April

Blog post: Asteroid mining plans revealed by Planetary Resources, Inc.



23rd April

2037 - The world's largest mud volcano stops erupting

Transport & Infrastructure: Evacuated tube transport



22nd April

Blog post: Asteroid mining company to be unveiled?

2021 - The world's first artificial kidney



16th April

Added another supporting reference for 2025 - Human brain simulations are becoming possible



15th April

Moved India launches its second unmanned lunar probe from 2013 to 2016 (based on a new reference).

Blog post: Could stem cells cure AIDS?



14th April

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12th April

Blog post: Targeted nanoparticles show success in clinical trials



11th April

Blog post: Surviving Progress

2025 - Railguns are in use by the U.S. navy

2013 - Launch of the PS4 and Xbox 720

2013 - Highly flexible touch sensors are appearing in a range of gadgets



10th April

Blog post: Major milestone takes "flying car" closer to first delivery



9th April

Blog post: Battery switch stations could revolutionise the electric car industry



8th April

Blog post: Google’s futuristic, Internet-connected glasses

Blog post: Flexible touch sensors could revolutionise mobile device design



2nd April

2045 - The Chūō Shinkansen high speed maglev route is complete



1st April

New featured video.



25th March

2044 - A transglobal highway and rail network has emerged



21st March

Blog post: A way to reverse global warming – study finds room to store CO2 underground



11th March

New featured video.

2042 - Global population reaches 9 billion

Edited 2055.



5th March

Blog post: DARPA's "Cheetah" Sets Land Speed Record for Legged Robots



1st March

Blog post: Paul Gilding: The Earth is full



28th February

New poll added.

The results of the previous poll can be seen here.



27th February

Blog post: Driverless cars can be licensed in Nevada



26th February

2042 - White people are a minority in the USA



24th February

Blog post: A cheap, portable and disposable DNA sequencer



23rd February

Blog post: Scientists extend the lifespan of mice by 15%



21st February

2041 - Orbital solar power is commercially feasible



19th February

2040 - Less than two-thirds of the original Congo jungle remains standing



12th February

Blog post: Artificial jaw made using 3D printer

Blog post: Augmented-Reality contact lenses



11th February

2035-2040 - Russia is a global food superpower



5th February

2038 - Capital punishment has greatly declined in use



4th February

New featured video.



3rd February

2038 - Older computers are at risk of experiencing major software malfunctions



2nd February

2037 - The US Air Force introduces a new stealth bomber



31st January

Blog post: 2011: A look back (part 5)



22nd January

Blog post: 2011: A look back (part 4)



20th January

New video added



15th January

Blog post: 2011: A look back (part 3)



7th January

2033 - The final phase of Britain's HS2 rail link is completed

Blog post: 2011: A look back (part 2)



4th January 2012

Blog post: 2011: A look back (part 1)



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