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#63463 We've been mentioned in the Daily Mail!

Posted by Kabe Ayofe on 20 August 2013 - 04:57 AM

Hey guys I wasn't sure if this was thread worthy but I almost comedically spat out my morning glass of OJ when we were cited as experts by the Daily Mail! They're not the most respected newspaper but its always a little exciting when a forum you post on is mentioned in a big newspaper. 


The article itself is about life in 2083 and mainly covers inflation, but further down talks about technological improvements and thats where we come in!




Do you agree with the article? Personally by 2083 I think we (England) would have either joined the Euro or there will be a universal 'Credits' system across the world/developed countries.

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#71572 The Human Brain Project has officially begun

Posted by Yuli Ban on 07 October 2013 - 03:06 PM


"It's a waste of time and money. We'll never be able to map and/or reverse engineer the brain. It's simply too complex and we don't have the computing power to do it."


"They're still going at it, not realizing, the fools they are, that this task is insurmountable and should be stopped before they disappoint themselves."


"The Human Brain Project has been a complete success! We now have revolutionary new insights into how the mind works, and the applications are astounding."


Anyone wanna place their bets?

$50 history repeats itself

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#60660 New moderator

Posted by wjfox on 06 August 2013 - 05:27 PM

As this forum has got busier lately, it's clear we need extra help with modding the place.


Cody930 has agreed to be our next mod - a great choice I think you'll agree. :)

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#71271 'This Post Has Been Edited' Notification

Posted by Troodon on 05 October 2013 - 09:37 PM

I think that the 'this post has been edited' notification shouldn't be so big, flashy, and noticeable. It really is an eyesore.
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#63464 We've been mentioned in the Daily Mail!

Posted by SG-1 on 20 August 2013 - 05:16 AM

Oh god the comments.

Thank god I'll be dead before then.

- Daniel Bell, London, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 10:04


well this is stupid

- anon, anon, 16/8/2013 10:01


This is all a bit daft as usual

- someathat DLS, huddersfield, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 9:58


A tunnel linking Europe to the USA? don't be so bloody stupid, far to many complications to prevent such a tunnel being made over that distance.

- Scott, Durham, 16/8/2013 10:03

Didn't they predict in the 60s that by 1999 we would be living in outer space and travelling the far reaches of the galaxy; hence the TV show 'Space 1999?'


People are so hostile to change and predictions of the future because in the past predictions were the opinion of an "expert" who just made stuff up.  No, we don't claim to be soothsayers but there are so many resources that show trends in technology, most of the things predicted on the timeline like artificial organs and bionic eyes, etc.  All that "fantastic" stuff is in its infancy today.  Give it 80 years and you will have sometime incredible.  It is a pessimistic thing to say by 2080 people will live practically immortally and with access to neural and physical augmentations, when we can do proof-of-concepts today.


The part of the future I look forward to the most is what I don't/can't see coming.  The applications of breakthroughs or these familiar trends in ways I would have never thought possible.





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Posted by LadyGagaIsHot on 03 May 2013 - 06:49 PM


I QUIT!!!! IM THROUGH WITH YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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#76800 Do you sometimes wish you were born in the future?

Posted by EVanimations on 11 November 2013 - 06:09 PM

I actually feel very lucky to live in a time in which such revolutionary change can be witnessed.
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#97059 UCL open letter to Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail

Posted by wjfox on 21 March 2014 - 11:05 PM

“I deeply pity the sort of person who can watch a report about ground-breaking news on the origins of the universe and everything in it,
and see only the gender and skin colour of the panellists. I am disturbed that he has even erased the contributions of all of the non-white
and non-male and non-American scientists involved in the discovery at the same time.”



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#86769 What is wrong with divorcing reality?

Posted by olddaad on 25 January 2014 - 10:20 PM

New to the forums and first post. I hope you all don't mind me adding a few thoughts of my own since this a subject of real interest for me these days.

As a 65 year old grandfather in excellent health who lives a comfortable life and with a livable pension that allows me to do whatever I want with my time, I've chosen to spend a significant amount of that time living inside my imagination. I read copious amounts of science fiction and write an equal amount of sci-fi and speculative future short stories and novellas. I'm also a part of the carless community, people who gave up cars in favor of walking, biking and public transportation.


I have no trouble envisioning  VR technology as a part of my future as a means of not only replacing reality but supplementing/enhancing reality. For example: the nearest grocery store to my house is about 2 miles away. I walk to there about twice a month for groceries. During the walk I always listen to an audio book (fantasy or sci-fi) to help me escape from the tiresome activity of towing a full load groceries behind me in my carry cart. One of my dreams to have a VR display that will overlay my field of vision with images of the book's world.


Another use of VR would be to enhance the visuals of the walking trails I use for exercise. With a visual overlay, I could enhance the colors and contrast of the rather drab scenery or replace with  different flora and fauna. Such enhancements would leave me aware of reality (don't want to get run over by a car) but also take the exercise routine to an entirely new level of enjoyment.

Most of us (assuming too much?) already spend a great deal of time escaping from reality by reading, watching movies, writing, long conversations with a friend or lover, gaming, sleeping, you name it. That's why I envision one of the major uses of near future VR as simply a means to elevate all those currently normal escapist activities to an entirely new level that will both enhance our enjoyment of them but increase our knowledge of new things.


One final thought: I want to become a Virtual Reality tourist to places on earth and beyond that I currently cannot travel to. Some imaginative entrepreneur in the next few years is going to create a VR Tourist business where they sell/rent out both the hardware and software that allows shut ins or less wealthy people to be immersed for hours or days at a time into whatever time and place they wish to "travel" to.


So, yea, this old guy has great hope for the future of VR and I have no problem seeing it become not so much a liability but more of a asset that will enrich many lives.

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#38100 Big meteor falling and exploding over Russia

Posted by Craven on 15 February 2013 - 03:24 PM

I don't think there's much seriously hurt. It's mostly just from glass. Unpleasant but not life threatening.



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#94091 Italian Ufo Reaches Its 10.000 Post on this forum.

Posted by Italian Ufo on 01 March 2014 - 02:02 PM

Italian Ufo becomes the first Member of the FutureTimline to reach 10.000 Posts on the Saturday of the 1st of March 2014 ! Come and celebrate him :D







I really enjoy being able to participate here :)

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#6908 Grandma

Posted by ExplorerAtHeart on 28 September 2011 - 01:10 AM

Posted Image

Something i needed to share.
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#67847 Racial science, eugenics and genetics in 21st century?

Posted by wjfox on 12 September 2013 - 09:12 AM

Maybe you should visit Stormfront? I think it would suit you better than this forum...

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#71654 US government shutdown

Posted by Raklian on 07 October 2013 - 10:08 PM

Here's the summary of what has happened so far...



Republicans – Can I burn down your house?


Democrats – No


Republicans – Just the 2nd floor?


Democrats – No


Republicans – Garage?


Democrats – No


Republicans – Let's talk about what I can burn down.


Democrats – No



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Posted by Lily on 28 September 2013 - 04:38 PM

So... the world would be a better place if females decided to kill themselves far more often? In my mind, we should seek to explain both, male and female suicides. Killing yourself is highly pathological of and in itself, no matter what your gender is...


A feeble attempt to answer your question: Haven't males been taught by society and their own families that males are emotionally stronger and have much more endurance than the weak females? Well, growing up believing that, when, then, you really are having a mental problem, who's more likely to seek out help?

This is, of course just one aspect. I guess you can find out much more compelling arguments, Ufo.

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#68870 OMG, WHAT AN EVENING!!!!! Just look at these news: Google...

Posted by Italian Ufo on 19 September 2013 - 01:33 AM





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#67703 My white working class view...

Posted by wjfox on 11 September 2013 - 06:14 PM


What you think to this issue?


Stop reading the Daily Mail. Learn to enjoy life and stop hating everyone who's different.


Blacks, Asians - they're all real people like yourself, human beings with lives and stories to tell.


It just isn't healthy to be so full of anger and hate.

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#67603 We will have plants rights?

Posted by Lily on 10 September 2013 - 10:38 PM

Before we think about enforcing something as debatable as "plant rights" we should see to it that "human rights" are enforced on a global level first, which is far from reality in a lot of places in the world. That's my opinion, anyway.

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#62587 We need to Add the Collapse of Moore's Law to the Timeline

Posted by Logically Irrational on 16 August 2013 - 08:18 PM

What the timeline uses to predict the power of computers in 2053 and beyond is not really Moore's Law. I know it uses that word in the timeline itself, but again, it's just a convenient term to use since it's the one most people identify with exponential progress. What the timeline actually uses is something called the law of accelerating returns. It's a long-term trend observable from well before the time of integrated circuits, which is what Moore's Law specifically refers to.


Going by this, the collapse of Moore's Law doesn't really affect the possible rate of technological progress, since it's just a named component of a much larger trend. What's happening now is the end of a process that had been repeated a number of times already. As one paradigm comes to an end, the acceleration begins to slow. Once the next paradigm is adopted, the rate picks back up again, only even higher than before.

This is why the timeline can make prediction about the future power of computers beyond 2021. Of course, it would be foolish to treat these predictions as an inevitability. At its heart, the law of accelerating returns is still just an observation of a trend (albeit an extremely reliable one). However, it's still reasonable to predict an estimate based on the trend. As for picking a specific date, that's just what the timeline does. Part fiction remember? Though in this case, I suspect the date of 2053 will be less fictional than you'd think.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you have a legitimate complaint, it's of the use of the phrase "Moore's Law" post integrated circuits. It wouldn't really change anything to just refer to it as something else. It's just language, but I understand that it might confuse or mislead people. Again though, the collapse of Moore's Law in the 2020s doesn't invalidate later predictions.

As for you're suggested additions to the timeline, they're largely already there.

Semiconductor companies are reaching the limits of miniaturisation for computer chips. The smallest transistors are now being built with a 4-nanometre manufacturing process. This is close to the size of individual atoms. Silicon is impossible to scale below this size, due to the effects of quantum tunnelling.
Most government agencies, universities and research institutes now have access to this revolutionary technology, which offers spectacular computing speed and power on a completely different scale to anything used before.
I suppose the quantum computers prediction could do with more detail, but the basic information is all there.
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#46156 How did you discover this website?

Posted by wjfox on 29 April 2013 - 03:47 PM

I wrote it. :)

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