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If you are a nazi and Antifascists come for you, you have the choice to stop building fascism or face the consequences. If you're not white, Jewish, LGBTQI+ or disabled and nazis come for you, the only thing you can do to satiate them is die. The violence is not to scale, ANTIFA =/= fascism.
Dec 06 2017 11:06 PM
  • Ewolf20's Photo
    What I do have a problem with is people who like to sit at home and type away hoping it might change minds indirectly. I rather protest on the streets tajn write an essay on why government is bad.
    Dec 09 2017 06:42 PM
  • Erowind's Photo
    I co-own a radical bookstore, help organize peace marches, distribute zines at concerts, give activists a place to organize safely, help out with food not bombs and do it all using consensus process with over a hundred other people in my city.
    Dec 09 2017 07:33 PM
  • Erowind's Photo
    If you're ever in Pittsburgh hit me up, we can have some tea and I'll show you what I'm talking about.
    Dec 09 2017 07:35 PM