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energy, frequency, magnetic or acoustic for different cancers and wound healing?

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I  read an article about experiments using some thing like energy, frequency, magnetic or acoustic for different cancers and wound healing and other medical use.


Now I cannot find the article again.


Did the experiments failed miserably? Because I cannot find any more info on it.


Anyone here read any thing like that?

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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Chances are, it was vaporware. That, or the team behind it failed to secure funding.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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depends on the specifics of what you are talking about. 


The first thing that comes to my mind when you talk about that (aside from new agey crystal healing psuedoscience) is focused ultrasound. but then I've been following that like a dedicated fan for years, so it's on my mind. It's just so star trek.

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It may have been focused ultrasound article I was reading!! :comando:


Is an early stage medical technology that is in various stages of development worldwide to treat a range of disorders.

The mechanism is similar to using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight. Focused ultrasound uses an acoustic lens to concentrate multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound on a target. Each individual beam passes through tissue with little effect but at the focal point where the beams converge, the energy can have useful thermal or mechanical effects.

beams are precisely focused on a small region of diseased tissue to locally deposit high levels of energy. The temperature of tissue at the focus will rise to between 65° and 85 °C, destroying the diseased tissue by coagulative necrosis.

As an acoustic wave propagates through the tissue, part of it is absorbed and converted to heat. With focused beams, a very small region of heating can be achieved deep in tissues. Tissue damage occurs as a function of both the temperature to which the tissue is heated and how long the tissue is exposed to this heat level in a metric referred to as "thermal dose".

Wide range of possible uses from cardiovascular disease to various types of cancer.

can be applied to cancers to disrupt the tumor and trigger an immune response.

it is similar in concept to focusing light through a magnifying glass.

There is regulatory approval to treat a range of cancers, including breast, kidney, liver, the pancreas and soft tissue sarcoma in Europe and Asia. There is a brain system approved in Europe, Korea and Russia to treat essential tremor, Parkinsonian tremor and neuropathic pain.

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