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Apotheosis of technology

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I'm trying to make a civilization that has achieved apotheosis in every field. Basically the very highest point of advancement in that area; it is one thing that is the final achievement. What is that one thing in all these fields based on the knowledge we have today? (I'm sure when we reach said thing, science will open up more)

1.) Chemistry

2.) Physics

3.) Mathematics

4.) Biology

5.) Computer science

6.) Medicine

7.) Engineering

8.) Philosophy

9.) Economics

10.) Psychology

11.) Geology (this may be pointless as "GEOLOGY IS NOT A REAL SCIENCE"- Sheldon Cooper)

12.) Agriculture




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I'm not convinced that it exists such a thing as the ultimate graal in each field of knowledge, especially when some domains as engineering are so vast and blurry. But for the need of the fiction, you can just tell that this achievement or this one is the ultimate goal. We can imagine some examples:
1) Chemistry:  knowledge so advanced that it unlocks the ability to conceive molecular assembler.

2) physics:  some hypothetical exotic physics happening in dimensions of time and space under plank constants (if such a thing is even relevant). Knowledge about what happens in a black hole, unification of the general relativity and the quantum mecanics.

3) mathematics: a tricky one. You can imagine any mathematic you want, depending of your axioms. So the notion of end of the mathematics is probably irrelevent. Let's say the  millenium problems have been resolved.

4) All type of metabolism is now perfectly understood, even hypothetical ones, like those based on the amoniac.

5) the ability to use all the atoms of an object to compute, without altering its primary function. The possibility to create reversible computing. Use sub nuclei particles to compute. black hole computation (if it's theoricaly validated).

6)infinite longevity, the ability to heal any wound, and any disease, even resuscitation of a corpse in a early stage of decomposition.

7)colonisation of the space in epic proportions, with the astro engeeniering. the possibility to concieve and proruce any complexe object (for example a spaceship) in a matter of seconds or minutes.

8 )i'm not a philosopher but i believe there is no such things as advancement in pholosophy. Just new concepts and movements emerging over time, but they are not better or worse than their predessecors, so I can't give any good answer for this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

9) the gestion of a post scarcity economy on a interplanetary\interstellar\intergallactic level (depending of the level of your civilization on the Kardashev index)
10) read the mind of a person as a book, and rewrite it as desired.

11)understanding of the the core of every type of planets.

12)plants using 100% of light incomes to grow, if such a thing is possible.

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