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Physical and mental abilities and superpowers that could be actually achieved by genetic engineering

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I created this post to talk about how genetic engineering could improve and enhance mental and physical capabilities of people in the future.Many superpowers we see in science fiction movies can't be achieved through genetic mutations because people say it's against the law of physics like for exemple shoot fire from hands or shoot eyelasers with naked eye(I dont believe that these things are possible either).So what abnormal things could be achieved with genetic modification.I think eliminate the need for sleep and superintelligence are one of them.

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all animals need to sleep. At least. all mammals for sure. Even dolphins sleep with one side of the brain each time. If it was possible to eliminate the need for sleep without loses, nature would probably have selected it, because sleep is quite dangerous to animals that are prey. yet, they reduced the need for sleep, but didnt eliminate it. 


I think it would be possible to make people smarter, with better imune sistem, eliminate genetic diseases, make cancer much rarer, increase lifespan. Whales are inteligent animals , and there is a kind of whale that live over 200 years. If we discover how they live so long, we might make our lives longer, even without drugs or nanobots. 


Superstrenght could be easily done, we can add extra senses, like heatwave  vision, like snakes have.


Ability to keep our muscles and bones health even if we dont use them would be cool, and very usefull for space trips.



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eliminate the need for sleep

I used to think this was a good idea, but the recent revelation that even AIs need sleep makes me believe there's more to this task than meets the eye. It is, however, quite possible to train oneself to subsist on two hours of sleep per day (I've been thinking of training myself if I ever have a summer all to myself). This grueling process could be made easier by technology--some implant that forces the brain straight into REM sleep at specific times. Posthumans and high ais could also do as dolphins to and rest parts of their brain at different times.

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