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Impossible Inventions-My card game-

future card game

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I've decided to make a card game where the player is a brilliant scientist and is trying to create various inventions. These inventions should be considered "impossible" for humanity right now. So far I've came up with

-Antimatter Rocket

-Space Elevator

-Fusion Reactor

-Dyson Sphere

-Quantum Computer

-Time Dilation Device

-Wormhole Generator


-Faster than Light Drive

-Hard Hologram

I have 10 ideas but I'd like to start out with 20. Does anybody have ideas for 10 future inventions that are far beyond human creation? Jetpack and Laser weapon are not good examples because we technically can make them, we just haven't mass produced them yet. I'm looking for 10 truly futuristic ideas that are "impossible"



    Information Organism

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Artificial Telepathy

Cold Fusion

Room temperature superconductors


Artificial Intelligence

Look at Michio Kaku's Physics of the impossible for more ideas




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1. Artificial Customizeable Universes (actual universes with customized physical laws)


2.  Zero-point Energy Reactor (harnessing energy from vacuum states of virtual particles)


3. Sentient Dyson Swarm (just like a brain whose neurons are photosynthetic satellite computers)


4. Biological Quantum Computer (another brain whose neurotransmitters exploit tunneling, entanglement, and superposition)


5. Megaphonic Imploder (a sound-pressure level amplifier that can generate enough entropy in the shortest time to rip a hole in spacetime and create a black hole)


6. Spatiotemoral Entangler (a wormhole creation device that can entangle spacetime, born after the merger of quantum physics and relativity)

7. Prime Calculator (a calculator that can factor googols in polynomial record time)

8. Exotic Atoms (metastable composite particles with subatomic components replaced by other particles from the particle zoo)


9. IoS Alloys (the fabled Island of Stability in the periodic table, once discovered, could radically improve materials science)

10. Synesthetic Language (basically a language whose building blocks aren't just letters but also colors, temperatures, flavors, and other sensations)

11. Chameleon Atoms (exotic particles that can mimic the properties of any other atom including those in the IoS, similr to Yuli Ban's doros)

12. Qualia Communicator (a device that can record neural firing patterns of a person's brain and simulate the pattern inside another person's brain, like telepathy)


13. Designer Species (now, if exotic atoms and IoS alloys found their way into synthetic biology, just imagine fantasy beings walking amongst your primitive giant mecha)


14. Spatiotemporal Origami (the spatiotemporal applicaiton of M-theory, which allows engineers to fold and cut spacetime like its paper)


15. Particle Harmonics (the quantum-scale application of M-theory, which allows string vibrations to be modified so that wholly new particles are created)


16. Macro-quantum Resonator (allowing macroscale objects to vibrate and behave as one collective quantum state so that quantum effects may apply)


17. Intratextual Transformers (imagine translating and metastabilizing the customized physical laws of an artificial universe into another universe)


18. Advanced Protocells (artificial biological cells that work radically different from eukaryotes and prokaryotes)


19. Weather Elementals (artificial intelligences that use the biogeochemical processes of a planet as a computation substrate - think of sentient hurricanes)


20. Magnetic Monopole Lifeforms (one of the most infamous inventions yet. Check this out.)


I hope this shitpost helped.

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As you can see, I'm a huge nerd who'd rather write about how we can become a Type V civilization instead of study for my final exams (gotta fix that).

But to put an end to this topic, might I say that the one and only greatest future achievement of humankind is when it finally becomes posthumankind.

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