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Monthly Roundup #8

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Logically Irrational

Logically Irrational

    For Lack of a Better Name

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Hello again. This is the roundup on future timeline for the month of May. This last month has been very active, and June is now shaping up to be the same, so thank you to everyone who has contributed. :)

In May;

69 users registered

164 new topics were created

2,265 new posts were made

Some interesting threads to follow;

Who will host the 2020 Olympic Games?
By wjfox

Future of Mathematics
By MarcZ

Complex organ replacements grown from stem cells by 2020 too optimistic?
By Italian UFo

When do you think military units will use dreadnoughts in the battle-fields?
By Italian UFo

Will Artificial Intelligence and Robotics eliminate all human jobs?
By CyberMisterBeauty

How long will it take for bionic eyes to be superior than biological eyes?
By Roh234

Epic time-lapse map of Europe
By wjfox

Attotechnology and beyond
By Logically Irrational

During May, the following changes were made to the main site;

Blog post: The Samsung Galaxy S III
2050 - Humanity is at a crossroads
2025-2030 - Rhinos are going extinct in the wild
Blog post: A potential new treatment for obesity
Blog post: First "microsubmarines" to clean oil spills
Blog post: Russia develops revolutionary new rocket engine
2051 - An interstellar radio message arrives at Gliese 777
Energy & the Environment > Arctic sea ice (minimum volume)
Blog post: Teleportation breakthrough
Blog post: Asteroid Mining: Science or Fiction?
Blog post: First gene therapy against aging is successful: mouse lifespan extended by 24% with a single treatment
Blog post: Biodiversity declines as global consumption reaches all-time high
Blog post: Transit of Venus
2058 - The Beatles' music catalogue enters the public domain
7,200,000 AD - Mount Rushmore has eroded away
Blog post: SpaceX launches Falcon 9 on historic mission
Blog post: Russian Space Chief: "We're Talking About Establishing Permanent Bases" On the Moon
Blog post: Hearts damaged by cardiac arrest could be repaired with stem cells
Blog post: NASA developing concepts for future Mars missions
Blog post: Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard
2055 - Spaceflight has taken a leap forward
Blog post: Jet-injected drugs could mean end of needles
Blog post: Holograms to replace people at NY airports
Blog post: "Personality genes" may help account for longevity
Blog post: Nokia Sensing X Challenge
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

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