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Resurrecting the dead / Mind uploading

resurrection nanobots mind uploading

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I've always wondered how we are going to wake up a frozen dead person.

Assuming that we can unfreeze a person with no crystallization damage or we find a way to use nanobots to do it, we will be dead. What makes us think that some day we will be able to wake a dead person?

Dead isn't as cut and dry as we like to believe. Heart stoppage? still alive. in fact cut off the head and do a futurerama style head in a jar, still alive. Just a brain in the jar with no senses, still alive. In a coma, still alive. Vegetative state???

If you could boot up the brain again by replacing damage until it's completely capable of functioning and jumping it's activity. If you could scan and decode a frozen brain for all memories and patterns of thinking it would have used and build replacements for all the parts that would need them. Then rebuild a body with cause of death fixed, and start it all running. Who says that's not reviving a near death like somebody whose heart has stopped or bringing somebody back from a perminant veggitative state?
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Brain death. As of now we have no way of unfreezing a brain and keeping it alive. In the future maybe it will be possible. I'm not so sure about those cryognenically preserved today will make it to the future. Using other methods that don't involve freezing it may be possible.

Hey.  Stop reading.  The post is over.




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Could it be?

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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I have this thing called loopkill...
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All you'd have to do is send a swarm of nanobots into the past

Is that all? :lol:

So even assuming time travel into the past was possible and people agreed to this idea of bringing back the dead, over a hundred billion humans [1.] have walked the face of this planet, where you going to put all these resurrected people? Or are you going to pick and choose who gets to come back?



I'd bring back men like Newton, etc. People that would advance humanity if brought back.



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Bump for a thread I'm making in the intro subforum.

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