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Digital Chinese caves preserve history

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Digital caves are a revelation for tourists - and offer respite for ancient historical sites. Jane O'Brien explores how 3D recreations can be even better than the real thing.

Atmospheric music greets visitors to Cave 220 - part of the Mogau Grottoes of Dunhuang, an oasis on the ancient Silk Road in China's Gobi Dessert.

A flickering torch offers a tantalising glimpse of the exquisite murals painted by Buddhist monks some 1,400 years ago. And then suddenly, the cavern is ablaze with light, its beauty fully revealed in dazzling colour and extraordinary detail.


From http://www.bbc.co.uk...gazine-20802947


Thats one way to preserve history.

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Italian Ufo

Italian Ufo


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We may do something similar in the future.

I have this fantasy thar runs in my mind sometimes. Many of current buildings, road, cimiteries, relgious temples with skull or very ugly representations will be all destroryed in a far future. This may happen in the era of Paradisism ( a sort of New Reinaissaince) where planet earth has to remember like heaven us much as possible. Therefore everything that looks aesteticlly ugly can be destroyed but stiil it can be saved in 3d or in a virtual world. So once can still visit it.

Peraphs a bad neighboor in Naples instead of being tottaly destroyed can be scaneed atoms by atoms and then being reproduced in a virtual world even with its smell. The original neighboor will be destroyed and it will be replace with a huge fouintain or building or statue...or simply with grass...


just crazy fantasy who runs in my mind...i thought of this since 2006-7.

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