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cool vid, it's good for waking people up. but, i doubt it will get this bad it's mostly just looking at all the negative thing's that are going on and doesn't take into account any positive breakthroughs like new sources of energy along with other innovation's that can fix the issues we have today. also i highly doubt that here in america that the military will turn it's guns on it's own people. if they try this they WILL lose they simply don't have the man power to pull it off, the government is going to go rouge and new systems will take over. i want jay fresco's resource based economy to be put a part of this new system & as a form of credit i think the decentralized currency such as bit coin's is a vey nice alternative to the federal reserved note we use today. The ruling class obviously isn't just going to roll over and hand in their power, there going out with a fight for sure. so yeah it is going to get worse before it get's better..




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the maker of this misses some very important facts about how social organisms function. Either that or they are attempting to engineer a section of societal change without informing them of the rest of the process needed to ensure change.


The first glaring problem I see is the idea that the internet as something that is a tool for controlling and distracting the population.


The internet is the modern public park. It's a place where anybody and everybody can go and find anybody and everybody else. It's flooded with distractions because that's what people are looking for not as a means to prevent us from seeing the truth.


Lol cats wasn't the makings of GE in attempt to prevent people from wanting to look into the facts about the government paying them tax monies for making profits. Lol cats was created because a couple of folks wanted to post cute pictures of cat and what they would say if they could talk, and other people wanted to see it just as much.


The problem isn't that people are putting out passive works that distract from struggles and problems we should work on. The problem is we as a society prefer to distract ourselves from struggles and problems we should be working on in favor of passive entertainment. In other words it's not that we are tricked into wanting what 'they' decide to give us, it's they gave us exactly what we wanted and it's turning out not to be what best suits our needs.

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