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Mystery early human revealed by DNA data

Hunan remains DNA Homo Erectus Siberia Europe Asia 1000000+ years ago

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18 December 2013
DNA analysis of early human remains from a Siberian cave has revealed the existence of a mystery human species.
A team of researchers speculates that this could have been Homo erectus, which lived in Europe and Asia a million years ago or more.
Meanwhile, the researchers report that they have also obtained the most complete DNA sequence ever from a Neanderthal.
Details of the work appear in Nature journal.
Finds at Denisova cave in Siberia have deepened our understanding of the human groups living in Eurasia before modern humans (Homo sapiens) arrived on the scene.
The Neanderthals were already well known, but DNA analysis of a finger bone and a tooth excavated at the cave revealed evidence of a human type that was distinct both from Neanderthals and modern humans.
When this work was published in 2010, the team behind the discovery dubbed this human species the "Denisovans" after the Siberian site.
The Neanderthal toe bone was found in the same cave in 2010, though in a deeper layer of sediment that is thought to be about 10,000-20,000 years older. The cave also contains modern human artefacts, meaning that at least three groups of early humans occupied the cave at different times.


Wow, another human species found in a cave through DNA.

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