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World War I Thread

World War I 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 Russian Revolution 20th century world war war

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Here is my latest installment. A lot of overlap with Yuli's, but my sources are different.


British troops move on Palestine from south, with forces under T.E. Lawrence emerging from the desert to take Aqaba.[i]  Summer of 1917

The French break the German lines at Verdun on an 11-mile front.[ii]  August 20, 1917 

The Germans drive the Russians out of the Baltic port of Riga.[iii]  September 17, 1917 

Two German and two Austro-Hungarian corps under General Otto von Below surprise and route Italian forces at Caporetto, inflicting 600,000 casualties.[iv]  October 24, 1917  

The Battle of Passchendaele is fought.[v]  October 26 to November 10, 1917

German and Austrian armies are stopped at Piave where the Italians, stiffened by six French and five British divisions, rally[vi]  November 7, 1917  

Russian Bolshevik “November Revolution” under Lenin’s leadership. Kerensky is ousted in a coup.[vii] November 7, 1917


The first great tank attack in history along with the use of artillery without previous registration occurs at the Battle of Cabrai. British forces take the offensive, gain ground, but then lose much of that ground to a German counterattack.[viii]  November 20 – December 7, 1917

The Bolsheviks open peace talks with Germany and Austria.[ix]  December 22, 1917


A cut in the flour ration in Germany results in a strike of perhaps 200,000 workers.  The strikes end when the government places the armament factories in Berlin under martial law.[x]  January 1918  


“All effective control over the native population of Turkestan has been removed…owing to the collapse of the central government in Russia” writes Secretary of State to the viceroy, Lord Chelmsford[xi] at the start of 1918.


Following a breakdown of peace talks, the Germans resume attacks on the Russians.[xii]  February 20, 1918 A.D


A Bolshevik government concludes a treaty at Brest-Litovsk that gives Germany hegemony in central Europe.[xiii]  March 3, 1918  

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