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#63463 We've been mentioned in the Daily Mail!

Posted by Kabe Ayofe on 20 August 2013 - 04:57 AM

Hey guys I wasn't sure if this was thread worthy but I almost comedically spat out my morning glass of OJ when we were cited as experts by the Daily Mail! They're not the most respected newspaper but its always a little exciting when a forum you post on is mentioned in a big newspaper. 


The article itself is about life in 2083 and mainly covers inflation, but further down talks about technological improvements and thats where we come in!




Do you agree with the article? Personally by 2083 I think we (England) would have either joined the Euro or there will be a universal 'Credits' system across the world/developed countries.

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#71572 The Human Brain Project has officially begun

Posted by Yuli Ban on 07 October 2013 - 03:06 PM


"It's a waste of time and money. We'll never be able to map and/or reverse engineer the brain. It's simply too complex and we don't have the computing power to do it."


"They're still going at it, not realizing, the fools they are, that this task is insurmountable and should be stopped before they disappoint themselves."


"The Human Brain Project has been a complete success! We now have revolutionary new insights into how the mind works, and the applications are astounding."


Anyone wanna place their bets?

$50 history repeats itself

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#60660 New moderator

Posted by wjfox on 06 August 2013 - 05:27 PM

As this forum has got busier lately, it's clear we need extra help with modding the place.


Cody930 has agreed to be our next mod - a great choice I think you'll agree. :)

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#158100 What is the scientific development you most hope to see in your lifetime?

Posted by wjfox on 15 June 2015 - 03:20 PM

A cure for aging, without a doubt.

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#168485 Expanding FTL? (wjfox HUGE opportunity)

Posted by wjfox on 22 November 2015 - 10:22 PM

Hey guys! (and girls)


Sorry for the delay in replying. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for this website, and it's great to hear your ideas.


Interviews is something we'll try to do in 2016. :) Not just interviews, actually, but various other new features too. As a matter of fact, I had an interesting phone call with a fellow futurist this evening about a collaboration between our sites - if all goes well, she might be able to put me in contact with a few well-known people. It's early days, but I think this collaboration could really boost the name recognition of FutureTimeline. I'll post more details when I get them. All I can say now is that it could feature alternative timelines (e.g. utopia / dystopia), in addition to interviews. :)


The problem at the moment is this mobile/responsive version that's really holding me back and slowing everything down. It's dragged on for what seems like forever and still isn't finished. However, the good news is that I have a massive, long holiday planned over Christmas and New Year, during which I plan to work almost entirely on the responsive version, getting it to a state that's basically ready to launch. The homepage redesign is nearing completion, and the most difficult part of the section templates are now done.


Once FT is compatible with all device types and screens, we can begin the really exciting work of introducing these new features and content to attract a wider audience. Somebody mentioned having a merchandise store, and yes, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. But there's so much more we can do in terms of expanding the website - new written features, guest blogs, future artwork, graphics, videos, opinion polls, libraries of data/stats useful in predicting future trends, new forum sections, a bigger presence on social media, etc. etc...


At the same time, I'm keen to ensure FT stays "true to its roots", by keeping the timeline updated with new predictions, and editing the older/outdated predictions or removing any which don't fit anymore. There's still a massive amount of stuff we can add to the 22nd/23rd century, far future and "Beyond" pages, which could be further subdivided into larger sections. For example, we could try to predict how the interstellar colonies develop and expand throughout space. We could even create our own sci-fi brand/franchise, with short stories set in this future universe.


Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming, and let's continue to build this amazing community of futurists. :)




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#160139 Where was I all this time

Posted by Mashallah on 05 July 2015 - 10:09 PM

I've nearly disappeared for quite a while from this forum so I think that I should post at least some semblance of an explanation of what happened.

Therefore, here it is:
I came out to my mother as trans in late March. It went seemingly smooth, but downhill after that. After some time I couldn't bear it any more and decided to run away from home. On June 1st, I ran away to Moscow where I stayed at a friend's place. I also had a risky plan on how to semi-illegally migrate to USA within less than a year (it's not something I want to talk much about, though).

But then, something that could be described as a miracle happened: my mother told my other relatives that I'm transgender and they generally accepted me far better than she did, completely contradicting all my expectations. Even my father turned out to be understanding. Thus, I soon moved to Serbia where my relatives provided me with a separate flat (they rented it).

Today, I just moved in into my father's house and my life is better than it ever was. Literally all of my relatives call me Maria and address me as female by now.

I'm also currently enrolling into a good Serbian university.

I'm sorry if this isn't too coherent, I'm just really sleepy as of the moment of writing this.

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#101618 New moderator

Posted by wjfox on 24 April 2014 - 06:20 PM

Raklian and kjaggard have been promoted to moderators.

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#71271 'This Post Has Been Edited' Notification

Posted by Troodon on 05 October 2013 - 09:37 PM

I think that the 'this post has been edited' notification shouldn't be so big, flashy, and noticeable. It really is an eyesore.
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#6908 Grandma

Posted by OrbitalResonance on 28 September 2011 - 01:10 AM

Posted Image

Something i needed to share.
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#63464 We've been mentioned in the Daily Mail!

Posted by SG-1 on 20 August 2013 - 05:16 AM

Oh god the comments.

Thank god I'll be dead before then.

- Daniel Bell, London, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 10:04


well this is stupid

- anon, anon, 16/8/2013 10:01


This is all a bit daft as usual

- someathat DLS, huddersfield, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 9:58


A tunnel linking Europe to the USA? don't be so bloody stupid, far to many complications to prevent such a tunnel being made over that distance.

- Scott, Durham, 16/8/2013 10:03

Didn't they predict in the 60s that by 1999 we would be living in outer space and travelling the far reaches of the galaxy; hence the TV show 'Space 1999?'


People are so hostile to change and predictions of the future because in the past predictions were the opinion of an "expert" who just made stuff up.  No, we don't claim to be soothsayers but there are so many resources that show trends in technology, most of the things predicted on the timeline like artificial organs and bionic eyes, etc.  All that "fantastic" stuff is in its infancy today.  Give it 80 years and you will have sometime incredible.  It is a pessimistic thing to say by 2080 people will live practically immortally and with access to neural and physical augmentations, when we can do proof-of-concepts today.


The part of the future I look forward to the most is what I don't/can't see coming.  The applications of breakthroughs or these familiar trends in ways I would have never thought possible.





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#206771 Please welcome our newest moderator – Yuli Ban!

Posted by wjfox on 31 January 2017 - 08:08 PM

Congrats, Yuli. :biggrin:

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#151879 Stricter moderation

Posted by wjfox on 03 April 2015 - 07:28 AM

There's going to be stricter moderation here from now on. We've been losing a lot of members lately because of rampant off-topic posts, overly political threads which are too focussed on current events, overly sexual topics, name-calling and trolling. If you can't debate like an adult – or contribute to discussions about THE FUTURE – you'll receive warning points. Repeat offenders will be banned. We are a futurology forum – not 4chan, or a Manga group, or a place to discuss sexuality and porn. If you have trouble understanding these rules, maybe it's best you leave here and join another website.

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#99013 How the Internet is taking away America's religion

Posted by Raklian on 07 April 2014 - 09:26 PM

Die, religion, die! Die! Die! *lightning arches from my fingertips*


Posted Image

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#110572 Mid year update on the 2014 predictions!

Posted by Sciencerocks on 10 June 2014 - 06:14 AM

2014 as of June 9th

Mid year update!


  1. Latvia joins the eurozone-CHECK.

  2. The IPCC releases its Fifth Assessment Report-CHECK

  3. The European Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) is operational http://www.ecb.europ...l/index.en.htmlAll but assured!

  4. Scotland votes "no" to independence-Odds favor it by at least 20%!

  5. The first gay marriages are held in England and Wales http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26793127 -Check

  6. The Internet has a greater reach than television http://www.bka.co.nz...?tag=technology Going to be close!

  7. Google Glass is launched to the public-Check! Launched in mid May!

  8. The new World Trade Center is completed https://en.wikipedia...ld_Trade_Center – later this year!

  9. The Shanghai Tower is completed http://online.wsj.co...588401794517002 -Most likely in 2015. :( Bust.

  10. Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup-Check...Eventhrough there's a lot of violence.

  11. The first solar aircraft to circumnavigate the globe http://www.usnews.co...s-maiden-flight – looking good!

  12. Completion of the Panama Canal expansion project http://digital.vpr.n...-not-mosquitoes -2015 will be compete. Bust.

  13. The 100th anniversary of World War I -Check!

  14. 14 nanometre chips are released http://www.cruxialci...ons-gaming-8048 Very likely by Christmas!

  15. The first products to use memristor technology are becoming available http://www.electroni...market-2014-05/ -Likely bust as it is moved back to late 2015. :(

  16. Smart watches are the latest must-have gadget -Smart watches are doing very good. Don't be surprised if 5 million do sell by the end of this year.

  17. Robotic pack mules are entering military service-No news as of yet.

  18. Laser guns are in naval use http://online.wsj.co...481121470707880 -very likely this summer.

  19. Completion of the International Space Station-Check!

  20. The first test flight of NASA's Orion spacecraft https://en.wikipedia...on_(spacecraft) Dec is the current launch date.

  21. Virgin Galactic begins offering private suborbital spaceflights http://www.space.com...space-deal.html looks like the later part of the year.

  22. The first test launch of the Falcon Heavy https://en.wikipedia...ki/Falcon_Heavy Moved to 2015, BUST.

  23. The MAVEN probe arrives at Mars – Sept it will or will not orbit mars.

  24. India's first Mars mission – Sept it will or will not orbit mars.

  25. Launch of the Sunjammer solar sail - Our next Earth Rise mission, the Conestoga Flight, is scheduled to launch in September 2014, our next Earth Orbit mission in Q4 2014, http://www.celestis.com/faq.asp http://www.mnn.com/e...of-space-travel Looking good for something by the end of the year!

  26. http://www.astro.umd...ng-spring-may14 Comet should come pretty damn close!

  27. Rosetta deploys its lander on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko -Going for it!

  28. Most phone calls are made via the Internet now -No news....

  29. Increased automation in retail environments -Happening big time!

  30. NATO ends combat operations in Afghanistan -Yeah, but America keeps 10k in that country.

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#107519 wjfox's absence

Posted by wjfox on 23 May 2014 - 07:47 PM

Now, don't get me wrong - I can take a joke, and enjoy a good laugh. But a thread title saying I've died just seems... in bad taste. What if my parents, brother, or some other family member happened to browse this forum and saw it? Bearing in mind, they know I have depression/anxiety. You could have made a thread with something less shocking in the title. In fact, I will edit this now.  

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Posted by LadyGagaIsHot on 03 May 2013 - 06:49 PM

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#151761 What the world will look like in 2025

Posted by star0 on 02 April 2015 - 04:33 AM

I haven't done any (major) future forecasting in a while, so thought I would do it again. Some of the themes in the text below overlap with ones I've written about before; and here I will try to integrate the technologies into a complete vision. Bear in mind that I haven't thought this through very carefully; if I were forecasting for a firm (if I weren't a researcher), I would spend a lot more effort thinking about plausibility -- what I'm about to write is only "for fun":

A typical day for a yuppie

You awake to music; your spouse lying next to you can't hear it from the other side of the bed, so stays asleep. Your home computer network knows that you have some important meetings in the morning; and so decided to wake you a little early (you agreed to this yesterday). Quietly, so as not to wake your spouse, you walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth and to shower.

Once inside, you close the door, and then a disembodied voice says, "Would you like to hear the news?" (the computer knew to wait until you were in the bathroom, so as not to wake your spouse) After agreeing, the voice comes back with a summary -- generated completely automatically from various sources -- of the major stories of the day. One item is about massive riots in Los Angeles over technological unemployment (total unemployment is now at about 20% -- "real unemployment" is even higher); 10 people were killed in confrontations with police.

The voice returns, "Would you like me to make some breakfast?" You agree; and, just then, a kitchen robot starts to put on the coffee; opens the refrigerator to retrieve some ingredients; and by the time you finish brushing and showering, a full breakfast has been prepared, and carefully laid out on the kitchen table -- veggie-eggs, toast, soysage, coffee, orange juice and water.

You sit down to eat breakfast, and as you do so, you put on a pair of what look to be "Rock Star" glasses (like the Emporio Armani glasses that Bono of U2 wears); they are, in fact, augmented reality glasses with advanced light field technology, to produce images in your field of view that look virtually indistinguishable from real, solid objects. You see, in front of you, your female avatar virtual personal agent, named Viv -- the formerly disembodied voice now has a body.

Viv says to you, "It looks like you are out of veggie-eggs. Would you like me to order some for you?" You agree, and then she contacts Amazon to send you the item. Before you say goodbye to your spouse, who is now up and about, and before you walk out the door -- 20 minutes all told since the order was placed to Amazon -- Viv tells you that a drone has just delivered the package to your front door. On your way out, you pick it up and then hand it to the kitchen robot, which then puts it away in the refrigerator.

You hop in your driverless car (you are one of the lucky few to own one in your neighborhood), which already knows to take you to your job; it drives you there flawlessly. You get out, and your car parks itself.

All during your day -- the meetings and other work -- you wear a tiny peel-off circular stamp (costs a dime for each) on the lapel of your coat. Small it may be, but it contains an ultra high-resolution webcam and sound recording system, that streams your day to DropCam for later analysis, in case you take off your glasses (which can stream and store the contents of your day).

As you read over some reports, the numbers you see don't look right, so you ask Viv, "Do these numbers look right to you?" She understands you are talking about the document in front of you, and that you want to know how plausible the numerical estimates are. Using machine reading algorithms she converts the document into a formal representation; and then looks for inconsistencies between the data and her vast knowledge graph and data supplied by various services she is connected to. A fraction of a second later she returns, "The average housing prices are at the lower range of the estimates I have been able to find." You say, "Show me those estimates." Ten glowing document icons pop into your field of view, each with a short description of the contents (e.g. "NYT estimates"). You quickly point at the first one, and it opens to the size of a computer screen, floating in mid-air, and shows you the first source. After reading Viv's research, you come to the conclusion that the original numbers were probably fine.

The rest of the day amounts to basically oking the work of various computer algorithms. You start to wonder how long the world can go on the way it has -- "How long until they notice that I'm not really needed anymore, that the computers are more accurate at my job than I'll ever be?"

Changes to the landscape

Malls were dying even before 2020; and, now, many of the major discount malls are gone, erased from existence -- it's simply cheaper to order online and have it delivered by drone. And if you want to see what the product is actually like, AR glasses and texture synthesis can give you all information you need. One unexpected outcome of this is that people don't make sizing errors with clothing anymore; so, a lot fewer returns are needed.

Well, people don't just go to malls for the deals. Some just like being around other people, and like the simple act of pulling and moving clothes and other items -- foraging behavior. For these people -- and there are many -- there are upscale malls, and small boutique shops; but these don't consume nearly as much land space as the big stores of decades passed.


Building robots are creeping in to construction crew work. Most of the job still can't be fully automated; but robots can now carry beams, bolts, nails, tools, and other things to the places on a building site where they are needed, and they can follow orders from crew along the lines of, "Bolt this I-beam to that joint over there." It's beginning to look like any day now (or maybe a few years) robots will be able to build entire buildings, 100% autonomously.


Poor people are starting to move away from major cities, as more and more services are no longer needed, and as housing prices are cheaper away from major metropolitan areas. These days, basic medical conditions can be quickly and easily diagnosed by medical assistant AI's; and new laws enable them to write prescriptions for basic medicines, like antibiotics and painkillers. And, as far as access to culture, the Metaverse is easy to access from AR/VR glasses; and the price of access (and the glasses) is affordable to all but the most destitute. What jobs are left can either be performed remotely, or through telepresence.


Litterbots patrol some of the major streets, looking for and picking up trash. The streets have never looked so clean!

Cameras are everywhere; though, by law, they can't be concealed.

Since about 2020, computers have been able to accurately summarize the contents of video -- "understand" what they are seeing, in a sense -- and that has meant that it has become harder and harder for criminals to hide. Muggers know better than to rob people in major cities, as their actions would be identified in a fraction of a second.

But what's to steal, anyways? The glasses will only work for their user; fewer and fewer people carry cash or credit or debit cards anymore (payments can be done instantly online -- and if you lose your glasses, the stores can easily recognize you with facial and biometric identification, if you have your account set up properly); driver's licenses and other IDs are not needed.


Roads and bridges look well-maintained, following a massive infrastructure spending bill (which really was a "jobs bill").

Large swaths of farmland are completely uninhabited. Where before, 10 years ago, migrant workers would pick fruits and vegetables starting at the break of dawn; now some of these farms employ robots to do almost everything -- from planting to delivery; some farms even use robots to load fruits and vegetables onto driverless trucks, that then ship them to distribution centers.

A curious side-effect of the farm automation is that fewer and fewer GMO crops are needed, as an army of robots can quickly and cheaply remove weeds and kill insects (a quadcopter flies overhead and zaps insects with a laser).

To be continued...
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#202742 Breaking News: Russia Found Responsible for Every Case of War, Missing Childr...

Posted by Recyvuym on 16 December 2016 - 09:37 PM

Sources within the CIA today confirmed that Russia, not greed or money, is the root of all evil.


"We can't actually show you any evidence," said one trustworthy intelligence operative to the equally trustworthy liberal media, as it has demonstrated over the past months throughout the election cycle. "But you can absolutely trust us. We only have the best interests of America at heart. I masturbate crying into an American flag every night, and I am telling you: everything that's wrong in the world is Russia's fault."


Anonymous sources then went on to insist the FBI, Elvis Presley and Satan were all collaborating with Putin to destroy freedom and happiness everywhere for all people. Russia is known to be the nexus of horror in our otherwise peaceful and well-run world, and the denizens of this icy hell are known to venerate their dark gods by sacrificing small children to superbears genetically engineered by the KGB. The Kremlin is also believed to be responsible for stealing what would otherwise be fair US elections, as well as every sock that goes missing from your laundry.


A gentle old lady once travelled to Moscow to bring the much sought-after secrets of US peace and democracy to its people. They lowered her feet-first into a meat grinder and distilled her body into vodka. All cultures are of course equal, but there is little question among experts that Russia needs to be reduced to a radioactive wasteland. Glass. Parking. Lot.


Readers are kindly advised not to forget that the Two-Minute Hate begins at 9:30am this morning, assault weapons and live ammunition will be on sale with which to shoot effigies of Putin. Free entry for kids under 12. Remember that rioting is patriotic as long as you do it for Hillary.

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#175876 The quotes of the Great Futuretimeliners

Posted by Outlook on 28 February 2016 - 06:18 PM

"I will not rest until one of my quotes is posted here." - Hiraeth



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#109821 Do you think that Zeitgeist YouTube videos is made by the Illuminati?

Posted by Unity on 05 June 2014 - 06:26 AM

NO! This will not become a conspiracy theorist forum!  Thou shall not pass!

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