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So, I finally figured out what to call my beliefs, but I have created an entirely new branch of Paganism in the process. Lol! I am a Digital Pagan with a theological bent of Panentheism (for the most part). Pondering starting a blog and later a Reddit community about it. Mostly to discuss current events, ideas, philosophies, etc.
Jan 15 2020 04:25 PM
  • Outlook's Photo
    That makes a lot more sense. For the longest time I kept thinking of polytheistic pagans, but the sacredness of nature and now how you relate it to futurist and modern elements is really interesting.
    Jan 15 2020 06:10 PM
  • Omosoap's Photo
    Yeah, polytheism is a part of Paganism, but there are a lot of different "Paganisms" in a sense. There are even Atheopagans (though their acceptance in Paganism is hotly debated). I am sure my brand of Paganism will be given a lot of heated debate at first. Granted some Digital Pagans will be Polytheist, but most will probably be either Animistic, Pantheist, Panentheist, or Secular (Atheist/Agnostic), I would guess. I've seen divisions of Paganism where they say there are three b...
    Jan 15 2020 07:08 PM
  • Omosoap's Photo
    branches (polytheist, animistic/pantheist, or witchcraft), but Paganism could be divided in so many different ways, as Modern Paganism is divided into many smaller branches. And, I would argue new ways to practice Paganism are forming all the time, as it is not relying on any overarching text so it has very few limitations in that sense.
    Jan 15 2020 07:10 PM