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I think belief systems / worldviews work like biological systems. In biological systems, you often have weakly-interacting components or modules. Organs of the body are an example. If the organs of your body were too tightly integrated, it would make organ replacement surgery impossible; you would be just one giant lump of flesh, where functions are almost uniformly spread throughout the body.
Mar 15 2019 01:57 AM
  • starspawn0's Photo
    Belief systems are similar, in that people tend to hold contradictory beliefs. The different beliefs kind of weakly interact, like organs of the body; but the contradictions aren't allowed to percolate through and change the whole system, resulting in a consistent worldview. For example, people can hold beliefs about the goodness of the Christian moral code, on the one hand; but then act in ways completely antithetical to this code, on the other.
    Mar 15 2019 02:03 AM
  • Erowind's Photo
    Yes in the case of incoherent worldviews. I'd posit that the inverse is true and people actually can be consistent. Science and philosophy are also good tools for cutting through that fundamentalist bias.
    Mar 15 2019 03:03 AM
  • tomasth's Photo
    Thr metaphors of body and edifice are often used for cultural riches like belief systems.

    "completely antithetical" , i doubt they think its that.
    Some think gay rights are against Christianity and some that those rights are justiied because of Christianity.

    Mar 15 2019 06:56 AM