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Liberals and Conservatives React in Wildly Different Ways to Repulsive Pictures -- To a surprising degree, our political beliefs may derive from a specific aspect of our biological makeup: our propensity to feel physical revulsion. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/03/the-yuck-factor/580465/
Jul 19 2019 01:53 AM
  • Omosoap's Photo
    That makes a lot of sense actually. Disease has been and is one of the larger threats for humans. It also helps in understanding why colonialists might have been motivated to see the countries they were colonizing as inferior etc. A modern example is the African continent being so resistant to gay rights is in part due to that continents traumatic experiences with AIDS.
    Jul 19 2019 02:37 AM
  • starspawn0's Photo
    And people who started out being one political orientation or another, and then switched sides, could be like a marble rolling around on an uneven surface -- that first makes its way to one valley (liberal, say), before rolling out and then down into a black hole (conservative) from which there is no escape, having found its proper attractor.
    Jul 19 2019 02:39 AM
  • Archimedes's Photo
    Haggard's Law becomes interesting when considering effects like this.
    Jul 19 2019 03:13 AM