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A doctor and medical ethicist argues life after 75 is not worth living: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/614156/a-doctor-and-medical-ethicist-argues-life-after-75-is-not-worth-living/ Better hope there are serious age-slowing advances before you reach that target date, then!
Aug 21 2019 02:36 PM
  • Outlook's Photo
    Socrates believed this in Xenophon's Apology, saying that it was a mercy to be killed before he grew senile. I had quite a few thoughts against his reasoning though.
    Aug 21 2019 08:47 PM
  • Casey's Photo
    Eh. 75 is pessimistic. People who have worthwhile lives past 75 aren't "outliers." I've known many people, all of my grandparents included, who were in good mental and physical health well beyond that age. Screw this sad sack. I'd bump up that figure to 85 at the minimum. Probably closer to 90.
    Aug 21 2019 11:04 PM
  • tomasth's Photo
    "worthwhile lives" is not a good measure , some don't qualify that at 7.5 month..

    I'm surprised anyone here would have any opinion other then 'if the person life worth living , not age is enough no matter what'.
    ancient art that are both archeological artifacts and art work , are preserved in whatever state they are in.

    If a human life is that worthwhile its to be preserved at least as much as ancient art.
    Aug 22 2019 06:00 AM