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Yuli Ban

When I think of a general purpose AI, I simply can't think of it as a human level intelligence anymore unless explicitly stated. General AI in my head now sounds similar to a general purpose Turing complete computer (i.e. any post-1947 digital computer): an AI that simply handles multiple tasks in multiple areas. An extremely complicated tool, but not necessarily anything more. Indeed, after reflecting on GPT-3, I can see developing a weak AGI being possible in the next couple of years, a...
Jul 22 2020 05:54 AM
  • Raklian's Photo
    ^ The human brain is only capable of perceiving a limited set of geometric shapes and planes, or whatnot. Consciousness in a higher dimension can mean a geometric shape we can't make sense of.
    Jul 22 2020 12:50 PM
  • Raklian's Photo
    While we can't make sense of it, we're still perceiving it somehow, hence the struggle to describe or explain it.
    Jul 22 2020 12:52 PM
  • Raklian's Photo
    This partially explains why each one of us has its own discrete experience of consciousness. The lower dimensions give us a way to experience a higher dimension from different perspectives.
    Jul 22 2020 01:02 PM