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Community Status Updates

  • starspawn0's Photo
    One can also make everything adaptive, so that if you don't like the image it generates, the BCI can detect Error-Related-Fields associated with your disappointment, and then made immediate corrections, until you are satisfied. This might all happen in just seconds.
    Sep 26 2020 06:38 PM
  • TheAughat's Photo
    I see. I guess then in the shorter term, animators will still use this for video production, but most people wont. Animators will use image production to aid with video, since after all, thinking up thousands of images will be easier, faster, and more efficient than drawing them out. As AI is also advancing on the side, combined with brain data input, frame interpolation could also get much better, further easing out the pipeline of video production. So animators and people with more patience...
    Sep 26 2020 10:45 PM
  • TheAughat's Photo
    I wonder how much controversy the usage of this tech will create for artists who are already well established--like popular manga artists. People already perceive tech-based upgrades as "bad" and "unnatural". It is no secret how badly people perceive singers who use autotune, calling them fakes and saying they're not real artists. There will probably be simultaneous pushback against this software, while widespread adoption of it also occurs. Interesting times up ahead.
    Sep 26 2020 10:46 PM