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We can recycle plastic

ted recycling

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Mike Biddle: We can recycle plastic http://www.ted.com/t...ike_biddle.html I must say I'm very impressed by this speech. Dunno if it fits into technology of the future, since it looks like they already make money in this factory. Anyway it's amazing if it's really as efficient as he suggests. Only doubt? If it's so cool how come most plastic doesn't come from recycling? Too early?
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Logically Irrational

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Wow. Now that is really cool. I'm glad that plastic isn't destined to sit around forever anymore.
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Today plastic pollution is the big issue for all of us.. It is important for all of us to reduce, reuse and recycle it. Buying recycled product and reduce the use of plastic ,We can save the natural resources for the future genration also save the planet from the plastic pollution.






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I've always said that if you have a waste stream, be it plastics or co2, what you really have is a resource that's just going untapped. Turn linear consumer->waste patterns into cycles, like the rain to lakes to clouds to rain system.

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Even though we can recycle plastics, the thing is the chemical that is being used in recycling plastic is not earth friendly. -.-

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