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Past Timeline

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@wjfox You'll let us know once you start working on the timeline itself right?

Yep. And the basic layout could be started this week or next.


Hot take: I don't care much about the Past Timeline and wish Will focused more on the Future Timeline.
The Past Timeline seems like a gargantuan undertaking that would require loads of seasoned historians to maintain at that.
But that's just my opinion; feel free to disagree.

Thanks for your feedback – I appreciate your honesty. :)
My parents and brother have said exactly the same thing, btw.
You're right that it's a gargantuan undertaking and will take years of work. My primary focus will always be Future Timeline, so there isn't a danger of Past Timeline "stealing" too much of my time and effort. I tend to only work on it during quiet periods when I don't have any blogs/predictions to do. Sometimes I'll get the occasional weekend or holiday when I can devote more time, as you've seen with recent progress on the homepage, but it's going to be a slow process.
However, some sections will be easier to do than others. I think the early universe, young Earth, geological periods, etc. could be done relatively quickly. They span vast eras without much happening. Evolution and natural selection will be more complicated, but I could do a brief overview at first, and then come back to it later with more detail (as a weird analogy – there's a program I ran a few years back, for checking my PC's RAM. On the first scan, it runs through everything quickly, and then with subsequent cycles it becomes more and more detailed. This is kind of what I'll do with Past Timeline).
The really difficult stuff will be covering human history, which is packed with countless events, becoming more complicated the closer you get to the present day. The trick will be finding the right "balance" of a timeline that's relatively quick to write, but also educational and interesting, without skimming over too much and becoming superficial.

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