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Stricter moderation

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There's going to be stricter moderation here from now on. We've been losing a lot of members lately because of rampant off-topic posts, overly political threads which are too focussed on current events, overly sexual topics, name-calling and trolling. If you can't debate like an adult – or contribute to discussions about THE FUTURE – you'll receive warning points. Repeat offenders will be banned. We are a futurology forum – not 4chan, or a Manga group, or a place to discuss sexuality and porn. If you have trouble understanding these rules, maybe it's best you leave here and join another website.



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Wanted to update this in light of recent events:


As I said in my status update, please post in the correct topic sections and do not start threads that wouldn't be able to carry a legit discussion. If you suspect the topic you want to start may not be appropriate for a forum like this, then you probably shouldn't post it. Like wjfox said in the original post, you should probably move somewhere else to discuss controversial material if you know it will cause emotions to run high and we all now know the horrible example of that from just a few days ago. If that happens again, more severe actions will be taken. Seriously folks, the internet is huge. Even though we do cover a broad range of topics given the nature of futurism, this forum is still not designed for every little topic out there.


Also, you can revive old threads like was said the other day in the status updates. This is not discouraged since it's better to have one thread for a topic and not 20 of them all over the forum.  

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