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Reverse Ageing June 2015 update

aging reversal anti-aging stem cells biology transhumanism immortality life extension

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AshcroftWillan1 made this on KurzweilAI's forums. Pretty good run-down on progress in this field. Anyone who says there has been no progress in life extension this year, just direct them to this thread.


Here is June's update, some of the most exciting developments / headlines since last time.
In 2015, I believe it important to track change, the pace of it and to follow up news that broke and then went away.
So ten major headlines
1. Ageing epigenetically reversed in human cell lines
2. Google wants to curb disease with preventative wristband
3. Crispr efficiency improved
4. Stem Cells discovered that make new neurons in the brain
5. Radical life extension by swapping old cells for young cells
6. Reprogramming of DNA in human germ cells observed for the first time
7. Lab for genetic alteration of human embryos just $2000 away
8. Harvard Researchers develop a new method of delivering gene editing proteins
9. Scientists identify a stem cell injection that can mend a broken heart
10. Allen Institute takes major step towards mapping of the human brain

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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