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When we will have eletromagnetic propulsion technology?

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Sabrine Crystal

Sabrine Crystal


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Some years ago there was a post about flying cars for the year 2079 that would use eletromagnetic propulsion but it was removed.When do you think this technology will become possible?That wuld lead to flying cars and floating/self levitating objects, and faster spaceships.

Alice Tepes

Alice Tepes


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the closest you are going to get any time soon is maglev technology. we can make some things float using magnetics but not all things, so if your flying car went over a surface without any magnetised materials it would not be a flying car anymore. also magnetics could only power a spaceship if that ship carried some sort of material that the electro-magnetic fields could eject into space, because of newtons laws of motion and all. these engines already exist by the way https://en.wikipedia...ki/Ion_thruster . so basicaly all the technology already exists it just dosen't add up to a product that is as cool or as effective as you want it to be.

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