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Technologies that will lead to post scarcity and resource based economies

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Sabrine Crystal

Sabrine Crystal


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What technologies will lead to the elimination of money and post scarcity and resource based economies?Since AI and robots will eliminate most jobs and employment will become obsolete, the growth of AI, Robotics, nanotechnology and others will mean that all products ad services will be produced so easily that they will become free(as most people won't have money to buy them because they will be unemployed).These are the technologies I think will lead to these economies:


-Self replicating nanotechnology:Self replicating nanobots would built anything imagineable just manipulating atoms and molecules(they could also create new kinds of molecules by rearranging atoms in molecules), and they would fly/run to a piece of matter and built what you want.Since they are self replicating,it wouldn't necessary to create more of them. Nanofabricators would also contribute to this trend;


-Matter Replication:Unlike Self replicating nanobots which I think will become possible by the end of this century, matter replication devices would only become possible by the late of the 22nd century.These tehnology will allow the creation, storage and desintegration of any inanimate matter at subatomic scale by collecting and eliminating subatomic particles.Anything will be created at any time how many times is necessary.Industry, factories, agriculture, fishing, livestock, mining, commerce and distribution will all become obsolete due to matter replicators. I think garbage and the water/sewer management systems will also become obsolete thanks to matter replication.


Programmable Matter:This technology will enable the simulation of anything you want, including buildings.Utility fog could simulating a house and other things rather than building it.





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It's good to see you developing your confidence. I think some of what you have read about nanotechnology is likely too optimistic unless some significant progress in the field has occurred in the last 5 years or so (I do not follow it overly closely). However, I do think you are correct in your overall assessment for the long term. I think you can add to your list 3d printing, biofacture, synthetic biology, and nuclear fusion.

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