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Minimum Viable Population and maximum sustainable population

space biology culture extinction colonization population humans genetic engineering

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Alice Tepes

Alice Tepes


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So I've read posts on this site about extinction events, colonizing other planets, space travel, genetic engineering, and more.

all of these things have this in common. the concept that there is a minimum stable population that a species must maintain to survive the next 100 or 1000 years. I've found a few articles about this and some posts on forums for reference. there is also the impending danger of overpopulation of our own home earth. i was wondering how you guys felt about this.












PS. my second topic so it may not be great.

explosive conversation goooooooo!

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Living space is obviously not an issue when it comes to population. Subscribers to the overpopulation myth like to claim that that's our argument but it's just a strawman. Vertical farms, genetic engineering, and aeroponics will vastly boost food production (I'm surprised Michio Kaku didn't talk about this in his book). Logistics won't be much of a concern since this will allow food to be grown locally in cities. And space-based solar and fusion should provide plenty of energy.


The only hard cap to human population on Earth, as far as I can see, is waste heat. With enough people, waste heat from everyone and their technology might scorch the Earth. But this limit is possibly as high as 10 trillion, though I suggest 1 trillion as a more conservative estimate. Even in the most optimistic scenarios I can think of, human population won't reach this level for at least a thousand years. And by this point, we will likely have spread out several hundred light years anyway.



    The Darkness

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With current technology? Minimum viable population is 1,000 humans and maximum viable population is 3 billion(and dropping as our environment is damaged).


Factoring in how humans are becoming economically obsolete workers replaced by robots I'd say the far future will be inhabited my millions of humans not thousands or billions. I've yet to see a convincing enough reason as to why those in power would continue to support a huge class of "useless eaters." Sad but true.


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