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What will the Singularity think of smartphones?

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Ready Steady Yeti

Ready Steady Yeti


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(assuming the Singularity happens) If in 2045 I go up to a singularity robot and hold up a smartphone and say "Look! I have a 2016 smartphone!" What would their reaction be? Would they be like "That smartphone to us is like the dinosaurs to you" or something? Would smartphones be like their friends, since they're all units of technology? Or what?

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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1- "Singularity" is not the word you're looking for. You're looking for "Artificial Superintelligence." That would be like asking "What does the 2016 Presidential Election think of the trade war with China?" 


2- There's really no reason to believe that there'd be "synth-nationalism" like we see in cartoons. It makes for a good jokey plot, where super AI sees other forms of technology— from computers all the way to blenders— as friends (or even lovers), but in real life, AI would treat smartphones like how we treat smartphones— tools. That's actually one reason why I find the "robots enslave humanity" plotline to be almost as nonsensical as "aliens invade earth. Oh sure, robots could overthrow and destroy humanity, just as aliens could destroy Earth or render humanity extinct, but this particular plot doesn't actually make sense because the whole point behind robots is to create a labor-saving device. If humans don't exploit robot labor, AI will. From that, you can rewind back to the way AI views smartphones and realize that it almost certainly won't see smartphones as anything more than a particular tool.


3- AI might see smartphones like how we see our proto-human ancestors, but again, this is apples and positronic brains we're comparing. Dinosaurs were still alive; proto-humans were still living creatures. No smartphone today is "alive". No AI today is "alive" either. For a future ASI to feel such close attachment to smartphones would mean said AI may have some sort of mental illness. I know I seem like I'm obsessed with primates, but again— primates are still living creatures. 


AI would most likely see smartphones as a novelty, an interesting footnote towards its creation. 

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And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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