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Some of the benefits we could see with less regulations

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Some of the positives with having less regulations in science and tech... I like to slam the liberterians but I'll admit that it isn't totally bad. Most of the bad with it is the 50% of lab science that is paid for by the federal government through public university funding and government labs.


1. Amazon(and others) will get to fly their delivery drones!!!! Safety won't be important but you'll get your product same day!

2. We will get to build crappy nuclear plants and they will be far cheaper...More nuclear! Less co2 but more of a chance of a fuck up too.

3. We probably will Finally get our flying cars? Well, if we're going to deregulate and safety is no longer important..Maybe? One of the big things stopping them is of course tons of paper work and safety standards.

4. Personal Jet pack! Well, if safety no longer matters, I'll be able to have one. Less safety standards so yes you can burn yourself to death or fall from 200 feet up.

5. Less regulations and safety standards on private space companies! Sure, more people will die but they'll be more such companies.

6. Possible short distance Hyperloops becoming reality sooner! Remember, less safety regulations but not as much government money to build the real long ones either...Doubt the private sector can build a new york to LA version as there's not enough money.

7. Super fast approval of new medications or advancement to human trials. It takes 5-15 years now but under Trumps FDA guy it could be over night! Some of these medications could be the cure but others could kill you...Blue or red pill? Seriously, there's some good and promising stuff in the pipe line,,,so it isn't all dark and bad.

8. Cheaper fusion plant designs! They cost a lot partly because they have to be very safety!!! But what the hell.


9. Anti-matter testing! yep. Under a libertarian America one will be able to test such tech. Maybe even within city limits!!! Maybe in my own house.


10. Ram jet testing on earth! Fuck the nuclear arms treaty if we are doing away with regs and laws.


11. Driverless cars on our roads! No regs and laws you say? Well,


People will die but people will die enjoying the best science and tech has to grant our society!

Mike the average

Mike the average


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This isnt science at the expense of regulations though. This is technology at the expense of safety and health.
'Force always attracts men of low morality' - Einstein
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