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The Russian Revolution

1917 1905 Russia Soviet Union CCCP USSR February October Bolsheviks Vladimir Lenin

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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[April 2nd, 1919] Russian Civil War. French and other Allied forces begin to evacuate Odessa (Ukraine), which is occupied by Hryhoriiv's partisans on 6 April. General Malleson's troops begin to evacuate Trans-caspia.


[April 2nd, 1919] "The Peril Without" (Bolshevism)


[April 2nd, 1919] Vladimir Nabokov, novelist and poet, leaves Russia with his family.


[April 3rd- 7th, 1919] Russian Civil War. Soviet forces enter Crimea across the Perekop isthmus and capture Simferopol' (10 April), Evpatoriia (10 April), Yalta (12 April), and Sevastopol' (29 April).


[April 4th, 1919] A Bavarian Soviet Republic is proclaimed in Munich. Like the Spartacist revolt, it is suppressed within a month by "Freikorps" units. Bavaria will become a refuge for extreme right-wing nationalist groups bent on bringing down the Weimar regime.


[April 5th, 1919] Thirty-five Jews were killed without trial in Pinsk, Poland after being accused of organizing an illegal Bolshevik rally.


[April 6th, 1919] A Soviet rebellion lead by German anarchists in Munich dissolved the People's State of Bavaria, and forced its leader Johannes Hoffmann to flee and establish a rival socialist government in Bamberg, Germany.


[April 6, 1919] A hartal was organized in India against the “Black Act” passed in March that gave the government larger powers to repress its people in order to quell revolution like that of in Russia. People such as Gandhi fasted and prayed as civil disobedience.


[April 9th, 1919] The Revvoensovet of the Republic establishes a political section (converted on 26 May into the Political Administration of the Red Army, PUR) to control political commissars. (Russia)


[April 9th, 1919] The North Russia Intervention, 1918-1920. A 6 inch naval gun of the 339th Infantry Regiment, American 85th Division mounted on railway carriage (Verst 455). Volodga Front, 9 April 1919. Note a group of British troops with a sledge loaded with supplies on the right.


[April 11th, 1919] A Sovarkom decree is issued on the creation of forced labour camps. (Russia)


[April 11th, 1919] Munich: Coup attempt aims to overthrow the soviet government of Bavaria.


[April 14th, 1919] Freikorps suppress communists in Dresden.


[April 15th, 1919] Kolchak's Western Army captures Buguruslan. (Russia)


[April 15th, 1919] "Bolshevism on Trial" film. As a promotion device, the April 15, 1919, issue of "Moving Picture World" suggested staging a radical demonstration by hanging red flags around town and then have actors in military uniforms storm in to tear them down.


[April 15th- 19th, 1919] Ireland. "Limerick Soviet": a general strike called by the Limerick Trades and Labour Council, as a protest against the declaration of a "Special Military Area" under the Defence of the Realm Act covering of most of the city of Limerick and its surroundings.


[April 16th, 1919] "Battle" of the Bavarian government troops at Dachau; Communists defeat Republican forces.


[April 16th, 1919] "Bolshevism Rears Head In This City. Anarchist-Soviet Bulletin Urges the Seizure of Land and All Industries. Nation-Wide In Scope" (Washington Evening Star)


[April 16th, 1919] Latvian War of Independence: In March the united German and Latvian forces (orange and yellow) launch counterattack, taking most of Courland (Pink: Bolsheviks. Purple: 3rd Estonian Division)


[April 18th, 1919] German socialist leader Johannes Hoffmann gathered 8,000 troops to fight a German Soviet force of 30,000 in Dachau, Germany, where he was defeated.


[April 18th, 1919] Russia: The Crimea is now entirely in the hands of the Bolshevik Red Army.


[April 20th, 1919] The French Army blew up the bridge over the Dniester River at Bender, Moldova, to protect the city from the Bolsheviks.


[April 20th, 1919] Ukraine: The Bolshevik First Army surrenders to the Ukrainians.


[April 20th, 1919] the Hungarians proclaim the "revolution in danger". More than 40,000 workers enlisted in the Red Army in six days at the call of Béla Kun.


[April 21st, 1919] Polish troops led by Józef Piłsudski enter Vilnius. End of the Lithuanian-Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic.


[April 21st, 1919] Aunus expedition. The Aunus expedition was an attempt by Finnish volunteers to occupy parts of East Karelia in 1919, during the Russian Civil War. Date: April 21-September 18, 1919


[April 25th, 1919] Russian Civil War – The Red Army crushed the Orenburg Independent Army, opening up opportunity to attack the Western Army of the White Russians from the rear.


[April 26th, 1919] Battle for the Donbass – White forcescounterattacked and drove back the 8th Red Army advance in the Kolpakovo district of Ukraine. ( Picture : miners are buried after being killed by the white forces)


[April 27, 1919] American soldiers from the 31st Infantry marching near Vladivostok, Russia.


[April 28th- June 20th, 1919] A strategic counteroffensive of Soviet forces on the Eastern Front pushes Kolchak's forces back 250-300 miles to the Urals, capturing Ufa and other cities.


[April 28th, 1919] French troops evacuate Sevastopol', where a workers' soviet had been established to administer the city on 19 April.


[April 30, 1919] Prince Gustav of Thurn and Taxis executed by German Communists.


[April 30th, 1919] General Miller and the White government in North Russia recognize the supreme authority of Admiral Kolchak.


[May 1st- 21st, 1919] Allied forces advance southward from Murmansk to the northern shores of Lake Onega. (Russia)


[May 1st, 1919] Communist Party USA founded


[May 1st and 3rd, 1919] Soviet Russian and Soviet Ukraine issue ultimatums demanding the withdrawal of Romanian forces from Bessarabia and Bukovina.


[May 1st, 1919] Photograph of Lenin in 1919, taken by Grigori Petrovich Goldstein


[May 2, 1919] Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) died this day. He was briefly Commissioner of Enlightenment and Public Instruction of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic. He was killed when this Republic was overthrown.


[May 2nd, 1919] Reichswehr troops of colonel von Epp occupy Munich after fierce battles against communists and anarchists.


[May 2, 1919] Anti-communist Freikorps with armoires car in Munich during the fall of Bavarian Soviet Republic. May 2, 1919


[May 3rd, 1919] Budapest: The Hungarian communist regime surrenders to Allied troops.


[May 4th, 1919] May 4th movement. Student demonstrations in Beijing, China, for modernization, democracy, and against Japan and the other imperialist powers. Awakening of Chinese nationalism. Some protesters will later join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


[May 5th, 1919] On Trotsky's insistence, the commander of the Red Eastern Front, S.S. Kamenev, is dismissed for insisting on pursuing Kolchak's forces into Siberia and for refusing to release troops for transfer to the Southern Front. Kamenev is subsequently reinstated by Lenin (29 May).


[May 7th- June, 1919] Hyrhoriiv's partisans are the centre of a major rebellion against Soviet power in Ukraine, leading to the collapse of the Southern Front against Denikin.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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[May 8th, 1919] Firemen extinguishing a fire at Murmansk (Russia), 8th May 1919.
[May 9th, 1919] Russian Civil War: In South Russia, cavalry units from Denikin's Volunteer Army inflict a defeat on the Tenth Red Army. The way is now open for an advance on Tsaritsyn.
[May 13th, 1919] Estonian War of Independence – The Estonian Army joined forces with the White Russians at Narva, Estonia to push the Soviet front back over the border into Russia. Counterattacks by the 7th Red Army stabilized the front.
[May 16th, 1919] Latvian War of Independence. The Estonian Army starts a major offensive against the Soviets in north Latvia.
[May 16, 1919] Major General Frederick Poole, the Commander of the North Russia Expeditionary Force, inspecting a detachment of the Polish Murmansk Battalion before their departure for the front. Archangel, 16 May 1919. He is accompanied by Polish, British and French officers.
[May 21st, 1919] The Royal Navy defeated the Soviet Navy at Russian naval base Fort Alexandrovsky in the Caspian Sea during the Russian Civil War. The Soviets lost eleven ships in the battle.
[May 22nd- 23rd, 1919] German, Russian, and Latvian forces under von der Goltz drive the Red Army from Riga and southern Latvia. Red forces capture Merv.
[May 25th, 1919] Estonian War of Independence – Estonian forces captured Pskov, Russia from the 7th Red Army and handed it over to the White Movement in June.
[May 25th, 1919] V. I. Lenin (1870 - 1924), Soviet revolutionary leader of proletariat with group of commanders in the Red Square, May 25, 1919. He inspects the Vseobuch troops.
[May 25 1919] Lenin on Red Square in Moscow during Vsevobuch celebrations - Photo: Nappelbaum. Colour by Klimbim
[May 26th- June 10th, 1919] Some 8,000 British troops arrive in North Russia to relieve garrisons there.
[May 27th, 1919] Russian naval officer Fyodor Raskolnikov, commander of the destroyer "Spartak" captured by the Royal Navy in December, was exchanged for 17 British prisoners of war. He was afterward appointed commander of the Caspian Flotilla by Leon Trotsky.
[May 27th, 1919] The Romanian Army suppressed a Bolshevik uprising in Tighina, Romania. More than 150 rebels were captured and executed as hundreds fled over the Dniester River into the Ukraine. 
[May 30th, 1919] Nestor Makhno resigns his command in the Red Army. A few days later (2 June) he is denounced as a kulak and a bandit by Trotsky.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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[June 1st- 28th, 1919] Red Army defensive operations take place on the Narva-Pskov front.


[June 1st, 1919] Berlin: The body of murdered socialist Rosa Luxemburg is discovered in a canal.


[June 2nd, 1919] Attack against the home of US Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer, committed by anarchists. The attack will provoke violent reprisals by the federal state against the anarcho-communist movements.


[June 2nd, 1919] US. Eight mail bombs are sent to prominent figures as part of the 1919 United States anarchist bombings.


[June 3rd, 1919] US: 67 arrests follow suspected anarchist bomb attacks yesterday on the homes of seven US justice officials.


[June 7th, 1919] Russian Civil War: Counteroffensive of Eastern Front: The Reds army capture the city of Birsk from the White forces.


[June 8th, 1919] Soviet authorities declare Makhno and his followers "outside the law".


[June 9th, 1919] Ufa is recaptured by Red forces. Kolchak's forces retreat beyond the Urals. Evhen Petrushevych is appointed dictator of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic.


[June 10th- 17th, 1919] Anti-Bolshevik mutinies and uprisings are suppressed at a series of fortresses around the Gulf of Finland (Krasnaia Gorka, Seraia Loshad', Obruchev, etc.), but Red forces rally, and Iudenich is forced to retreat.


[Jun 11, 1919] Half starved Russian nobility flee Constantinople on a British ship. The captain later finds they are carrying Jewelry worth $200,000,000 ($2.89 billion in 2019)


[June 13, 1919] Soldiers in Vladivostok, June 13, 1919.


[June 15, 1919] Boy Scouts Urged to aid US in combating Communism


[June 16th, 1919] Vienna: Communist demonstration leads to eight deaths and many injured.


[June 17th, 1919] 800 Jews decapitated in assembly-line fashion in Dubova (Ukraine).


[June 18th- 20th, 1919] The 9th SR (Socialist Revolutionary) Party Conference in Moscow resolves to cease armed struggle against the Soviet government.


[June 19th, 1919] The Red Army begins offensive operations to drive White forces back from Petrograd.


[June 20th- 25th, 1919] Russian Civil War, Southern Front: The White Volunteer Army defeat the exhausted Red forces in the Kharkiv Operation, capturing the industrial city of Kharkiv.


[June 22nd, 1919] Latvian War of Independence. The 3rd Estonian Division (purple) confronted German forces at Cēsis in the beginning of June and gained victory on 23 June. Orange: German army. Pink: Latvian Bolshevik army. Yellow: Latvian Ulmanis' Army. Purple: Estonian army.


[June 22, 1919] Fearing the "Barbarous Red Army" Russian refugees wait to be evacuated by the French Navy in Odessa.


[June 23, 1919] Czechs on a tug in Vladivostok harbor waiting to board the Archer. June 23 was a warm day in Siberia


[June 24th- July 2nd, 1919] White forces commanded by General V.Z. Mai-Maevskii capture Khar'kov (27 June); Tsaritsyn is captured by General Wrangel's Kuban Army (30 June- 2 July), Ekaterinoslav and Crimea are also cleared of Red forces.


[June 24th, 1919] The Social Democratic Party of Hungary attempted but failed to overthrow the government of the Hungarian Soviet Republic.


[June 25th, 1919] An American platoon of 72 men repelled an attack by a Red Army force of 400 men at their base camp in Romanovka, Siberia, Russia, killing between 41-57 Russian soldiers while suffering 24 killed and 25 wounded.


[June 30th, 1919] Kolchak's Northern Army abandons Perm'. (Russia)


[July 1st, 1919] Russian Civil War: Kolchak suffers another setback on the Urals front when the Second and Third Red Armies capture Perm.


[July 3rd, 1919] General Denikin issues his "Moscow Directive". S.S. Kamenev is confirmed as Vācietis's replacement as main commander of the Red Army. The resignation from the Politburo and the War Commissariat of Vācietis's champion, Trotsky, is refused.


[July 3rd- November 18th, 1919] Advance on Moscow (1919)


[July 7th, 1919] The Czech army ends the Slovak Republic of Councils proclaimed on June 16 with the help of the Hungarian Red Army.


[July 8th, 1919] Kolchak dismisses General Radola Gajda from command of the Northern Army.


[July 11th- 15th, 1919] Soviet forces capture Ashkhabad.


[July 14th, 1919] Soviet forces capture Ekaterinburg.


[July 19th, 1919] Russia. The Politbiuro votes to establish separate Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani SSRs. (Soviet Socialist Republics)


[July 20th- 21st, 1919] Italy. General strike in solidarity with the Russian Revolution is proclaimed, but with little success.


[July 20th, 1919] The Hungarian Red Army launches an offensive against the Romanians but is crushed in Kisújszállás on July 24th.


[July 20, 1919] There are over 250,000 Russian Prisoners Of War still in Germany. Allies don't want them sent back, might join communists. Earlier in the year Adolph Hitler was actually a camp guard at one of these Russian POW camps


[July 25th- 27th, 1919] Russia. A counter-attack by Kolchak's forces at Cheliabinsk collapses, and the Whites fall back in disorder.


[July 25, 1919] Soviets issue Karakhan Manifesto.


[July 30 1919] On the front page of The Tatler is Tamara Karsavina. A principle artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet, she moved to London and helped to form the Royal Ballet


[Aug 1, 1919] Japanese Army beats back communist forces in Russia


[August 1st, 1919] Budapest: With the fall of the Communes and the subsequent repression of its partisans, many actors and filmmakers are emigrating, among them Sandor Korda and Mihaly Kertesz.


[August 2nd, 1919] The Hungarian People's Republic supersedes the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Budapest remains the capital.


[August 3rd, 1919] In the Russian Civil War, four Royal Air Force Fairey IIIC seaplanes attack three Bolshevik steamboats on Russia's Lake Onega, causing their crews to panic and allowing Royal Navy submarine chasers to capture them easily.


[August 3rd, 1919] Red forces capture Cheliabinsk, taking 15,000 White prisoners. (Russia)

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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[August 4th, 1919] Sweden: The "Russian League" in Stockholm is arrested for three brutal murders of suspected Bolshevik agents.


[August 4th, 1919] A military conflict occurs between Romania and Hungarian Soviet Republic led by Béla Kun. The Romanian Army takes over Budapest on 4 August 1919. The city is ruled by a military administration until 16 November 1919.


[August 5th, 1919] Russian Civil War: The British Military Mission in Siberia is informed from London that no further assistance will be offered to Kolchak, it having been decided to concentrate support on the forces of Denikin and Iudenich.


[August 7th, 1919] Battle of Novo Litovoskaya. Part of the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War, Russian Civil War


[August 8th, 1919] Operation Minsk. Part of Polish-Soviet War


[August 11, 1919] Fighting communists in Russia Corporal Arthur Sullivan leapt into a swamp to rescue four soldiers, while under heavy fire from Bolshevik forces. For this he was awarded the Victoria Cross


[August 18th, 1919] Russia: the equestrian corps of General K. K. Mamontov during a raid on the rear of the Red Army took Tambov.


[August 18th, 1919] Russian Civil War: North Russia intervention – The Bolshevik fleet at Kronstadt, protecting Petrograd on the Baltic Sea, is substantially damaged by British Royal Navy Coastal Motor Boats (torpedo boats) and military aircraft in a combined operation.


[August 18th, 1919] Soviet cruiser Pamiat Azova after the attack by Royal Navy speedboats (CMBs) at Kronstadt Harbour. She was sunk by CMB-79 torpedo boat.


[August 20th, 1919] start of the Battle of Tobolsk-Petropavlovsk between the Red and White Armies in Siberia.


[August 25th, 1919] "Polish–Soviet War": After its total occupation by Polish forces, the Lithuanian-Byelorussian SSR was dissolved.


[August 27th, 1919] Russian film industry nationalized [And film as an art form was suddenly thrust forward thirty years]


[August 29th, 1919] Russian Civil War: The Red Army captures Pskov from White forces.


[August 31 1919] Only 65,913 American soldiers remain in Europe on August 28. While in the United States there were 324,000 still enlisted and in Siberia 8,500 are still fighting Russian Soviets


[September 1st- October 2nd, 1919] Russian Civil War, Siberian Front: Admiral Alexander Kolchak launches his final offensive in the Tobolsk operation, defeating the Red Army.


[September 1st, 1919] Moscow: The State School of Cinematography has opened here to train film directors, actors, cameramen and lighting technicians. It is believed to be the first such institution founded anywhere.


[September 2, 1919] American soldiers fighting communists leave the Soviet Union with their Russian War Brides


[September 23rd, 1919] Russian troops outside Baker Street Station in London.


[September 25th- October 19th, 1919] Battle of Bogdat (Part of the Russian Civil War of the White movement in Transbaikal)


[September 26th- 27th, 1919] Allied troops evacuate Arkhangel'sk. (Russia)


[September 27th, 1919] Russian Civil War: North Russia intervention – last British troops leave Archangel, leaving fighting to the Russians. (From 'Braemar Castle' off Solombala, leaving Archangel.)


[September 28th- October 20th, 1919] Russian Civil War: Iudenich's forces advance from Estonia to the outskirts of Petrograd.


[September 28th, 1919] Eastern Europe: Soviet-Polish War: Beginning of the Battle of Daugavpils; Polish-Latvian troops hunt the Red Army from the city on January 5, 1920.


[October 1, 1919] In Siberia, Russia American soldier arrested and flogged by Russian anti-communist forces. When the Americans demand his release the Japanese back the Russians, threaten to attack US forces


[October 9th, 1919] Polish-Bolshevik negotiations began in Mikashevichy (Belarus).


[October 9, 1919] Anti-communist forces in Russia apologize for arresting and flogging, Corporal Benjamin Sperling of the 31st, a member of the American Army based in Siberia. The arrest almost started a war between white-Russians, their Japanese allies and the American army


[October 10th, 1919] Estonian Agrarian Law: The Estonian government passed an agrarian law which broke up the large estates, held by German Baltic barons, and distributed the land to the peasants.


[October 11th- November 18th, 1919] Russian Civil War: A decisive Red counteroffensive on the Southern Front halts Denikin's advance and places the strategic initiative in the hands of the Soviet command.


[October 13th- November 16th, 1919] Voronezh-Kastornoye operation (1919) (Part of Southern Front of the Russian Civil War)


[October 13th- 14th, 1919] Russia: Denikin's (White) forces capture Orel, 200 miles from Moscow.


[October 15th, 1919] Russian Civil War: General Pyotr Wrangel in Tsaritsyn, 15 October 1919


[October 18, 1919] Riga, Latvia. October 18, 1919.



[October 19, 1919] In Paris exiled Russian royalty reports big Jewel theft worth $225,000,000 ($3.25 billion in 2019)


[October 28th, 1919] Eastern Europe: The Red Army takes over Tsarskoye Selo and Yamburg on November 15th.


[October 28th, 1919] Literature: Arthur Ransome leaves Russia with his future wife Evgenia Petrovna Shelepina, previously Trotsky's secretary, carrying a diplomatic message for Estonia.


[November 7, 1919] Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin (in the middle of the picture) in the Red Square during the 2nd anniversary celebrations of the Great October Revolution. Lenin is watching a parade of workers. Russia - Photographer: L. Leonidov


[November 7th, 1919] Petrograd Red 7th November', 1919. Revolutionary poster depicting a Russian sailor. Artist Sergey Vassilyevich Chekhonin.


[November 8, 1919] Irish labour leader Jim Larkin was arrested in New York for criminal anarchism amidst the United States’ “First Red Scare.” He remained in prison until shortly before his deportation in 1923.


[November 10, 1919] Birth of Mikhail Kalashnikov, arms designer

[November 11th, 1919] Russian Civil War: The Northwestern Army of General Nikolai Yudenich retreats to Estonia and is disarmed.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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