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Cancer, HIV, and autism as microevolution

cancer hiv autism microevolution

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1.       Engineered cancer cells, HIV, and autistic behavior to them beneficial.

a.       Based on my understanding of cancer, it is one of the saddest things that ever happened to us a species. Aside from the fact that there might already be a cure not being released to the public, a cancer cell has six revolutionary hallmarks, namely in no particular order,

(1) evading programmed death,

(2) insatiable demand for nutrients,

(3) migrating from one body part to another and infecting normal cells,

(4, 5 & 6) uncontrolled reproduction


Now, these hallmarks...

what if we can control them?

what if we can control the death of our own cells?

what if we can make them move and flow within our own body?

what if we can control the rate of reproduction of our own cells?

I mean literally just, control our own cells. Cancer cells just opened the possibility of vigorous immortal cells. Only problem is. how do we control them?


b.       Enter the HIV. Now I only know that it hacks our immune system to reprogram its function. Now the immune system, the police force of our body, whose function is to be the sole protector of our well-being, has been reprogrammed only to produce stuff we don't really need.

Now that's a problem but, imagine if we can reprogram the virus, which would in turn reprogram our immune system. But how do we reprogram this virus?


Genetic engineering brought us the artificial technique of modifying the genetic material of a virus so that it can act as vectors which could deliver gene therapy into patients. We’ve made that work and that’s just awesome. Only that the amount of effort just to change the genes carried by the vector is not that awesomely cheap for the patients. And even if it gets cheap, probably external agents like syringes or handheld microwave devices or pills and meds will still be needed, and these are still too expensive to make. The cheapest we can get is 3D-printing them, but still, the printer itself would be costly. The point is, whatever device we use to manufacture engineered viruses will never be efficient enough for the promised futures of humanity. We have to make these devices part of our body.


How about, we make an optional one-time modification, which can be inherited by our children.

This one-time modification will be permanent, capable of extending down to further generations. This modification will then allow us to manufacture this engineered retrovirus within our own bodies. A subspecies will branch from humanity with this modification. A new humanity will be born with the added function that creates autogenetic therapeutic prions for itself.

By modifying megakaryocytes to also produce retrovirus-like prions instead of only thrombocytes, maybe we can reverse engineer the HIV for our own benefits, and consequently benefit from the cancerous properties of our own fragile biology.

Only one question is left. How will this modification be done?


c.       Now this is where placebo effect, meditation, yoga, chakra, basically the psychosomatic pseudoscience, false analogies, and mystical arts that will otherwise discredit my claims may ironically fail to do so.

Yup. You guessed it. Autism. More appropriately, autistic spectrum of disorder. The amazing fact that a combination of bad moms and bad places may lead to bad genes that can then result in bad behavior. No questions asked, I’ll leave this all to coincidence most of the time.

But do the math, specifically the statistical analysis, plotting the poor rating of environmental ambience, maternal behavior within a year before, during, and after pregnancy, the autistic individuals themselves, and the medical diagnosis of the autistic individuals' genetic composition and mental patters, the resulting distribution diagram appears to have a normal curve, showing that this coincidence, may not be coincidence at all. In fact, it might just be completely natural. Drawing a conclusion out of this, makes one point of my argument – autism can be engineered as well.


I’m so sorry if I’m wrong or unrealistic, but I’m not yet finished


Say for example, inside a laboratory huge enough to simulate a bad environment, a child born from a bad mom became autistic. But instead of OCD, ADHD, bipolar or depersonalization disorder, or other similar kinds of stuff, that child inherited parts of its bad mom’s HIV genes (don’t know how this can be possible, maybe the concentration of infection is sited in an area of the lymphatic system near the reproductive system), and grew with an immune system with an innate ability to produce these retroviral prions as a side effect of its body producing blood cells. Now this kid, with this built-in disease, was then transferred in a harsher urban black market environmental simulation, where it learns to fend for itself. Then, transferred into a secluded monastery of holy persons who taught that kid that mind-over-matter thing of asceticism.

Okay. My argument is becoming science fiction. Although I prefer the term speculative fiction, I don’t see how some corners of our world is already a realistic simulation of a bad environment where a bad mom can be infected with HIV and give birth to a partially infected and autistic child. For a miracle and some faith, I want this child to live and be known, even if its just part of a comic book or something.


And that’s the end of this story. A trouble child with the promising God-given gift of one hell of an immune system.

1.       Which can produce hormones from the brain that trigger the release of retroviral prions from megakaryocytes.

2.       Whose retroviral prions carry genetic therapy synthesized from hormonal interaction and externally-derived infection.

3.       Which then infects tissues that are targeted by hormones.

4.       Triggering cancerous behavior and making tumor-like growths out of the targeted tissue.

5.       This tumor is not exactly a tumor, but a dormant, unspecialized duplicate of the cancer-turned tissue, rapidly reproducing, nutrient-hungry, and immortal as well.

6.       The tumor upon reaching critical mass, can migrate back to the site of the source tissue

7.       While migrating, the tumor stops being cancerous, and begins to become stem cells.

8.       This stem cells then differentiate back into the same normal tissue that it once was.

9.       Therefore, hormone-induced genetic stem cell therapy is achieved.

10.   No need for 3D-printed drugs and such.

11.   The body, now capable of healing itself like never before.


I would like to call these diseases as part of an experimental evolution.

Only things I would like add are that, maybe that autistic kid is part of our very own microevolution as a species.

And maybe nature itself, or some group of private companies, thought of the same idea and thought this could actually work, so they engineered these diseases as trials.

My idea may not be genuine, but I truly feel sorry for those socially mistreated and badly affected by these so-called trials. But if this is an actual experiment and the promised outcome indeed happen sometime in the future, then the sacrifice of the witnesses and the victims of these illnesses, will count for something else greater than themselves.

It might be unethical to talk about in a realistic aspect and all but, I think nobody doesn’t want biological immortality and rapid regeneration.



For those who have read this, those who have developed similar ideas, or those who disagree, or just have something to say, tell me your thoughts.

As you can see, I'm a huge nerd who'd rather write about how we can become a Type V civilization instead of study for my final exams (gotta fix that).

But to put an end to this topic, might I say that the one and only greatest future achievement of humankind is when it finally becomes posthumankind.

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