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My ai predictions

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note if my spellings off ive slept 1.5 hours last night so im lazy and dumb may edit later


2023 5 years after the great hype wave of 2017 people have realized despite the hype ai isnt doing many practicle things in the real world and hype dies down investment in ai drops a bit but not much people who work with ai can see its development but the general public think its a waist of time. as far as the public see it ai is only being applied to extremely expensive self driving cars and no other progress has been made.

i my self am suicidal again as my paremnts effectivly crushed my dreams by getting me arrested back in 2017 and im just waiting for the singularity



2033 ai is starting to make productivity gains to first world econemys 


ai is completing many low level tasks increasing the amount of of wealth in richer nations


growth in ai application is becoming quite noticable to the public who are worried about loosing there jobs to ai






people now have ai assitants with a iq of around 80 helping them out throughout the day


left leaning partys are pushing more socialist policys to look after low skilled workers which are finding it hard to find any work at all and middle level workers are watching ai catch up to them

many people are personifying ai as pet like creatures
some people are forming anti ai movements and some people hardcore pro ai movements


2053 ai has taken over around half of white coller jobs


governments are struggling the balance of pushing people to work in jobs ai cant do whist looking after those who cant compete


the singularity is a mainstream concept without the need of hype


some have argued the singularity has already occured in the sense working is optional


many people playing games and having fun instead of working as they own ai's which work for them or recieve government assistance





2073 - 2130


ai continues to do more and mroe of our work look after us more and progress


some point during this period the singularity will happen


its impossible to know the rest of our future

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