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Geoengineering Our Climate

geoengineering climate change

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why can't we create fans that cool it down? i'm just waiting for another ice age happen after while (becoming desperate at this rate).




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A Geoengineered Future is Downright Scary






Catastrophic climate change seems inevitable. Between the still-accelerating pace of greenhouse gas emissions and the voices of global warming deniers, hitting the targets laid out in the Paris Accord to slow the pace of a warming climate feels increasingly elusive.


To hit even the 2 degree Celsius cap on a global temperature increase, emissions would need to peak in 2020, or less than three years from now, and keep going down after that. We could do it, but will we?


If we can’t change our behavior, perhaps there’s another way to control our climatic destiny. One that’s received a lot of attention recently is geoengineering, or somehow deploying technology to compensate for the effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and bend the climate to our will.


Climate scientists as far back as the 1960s have been proposing ways to counteract the effects of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere to mitigate the consequences of climate change. Some are fairly ludicrous, others are quite feasible. But letting these planet-wide fixes loose on the world could wreak more havoc than they prevent, scientists worry. And the nightmare scenarios range anywhere from large-scale famine to international warfare.


The tension at the heart of the debate is that we may not have a choice. Warming may reach a point where even potentially dangerous solutions seem feasible, and if that time comes, well, perhaps we should have some options handy.


(Credit: kazuend/Unsplash)

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Will Carbon Capture and Storage Ever Work?

Researchers are chalking out a plan that could bridge the gap between where the technology stands and where it needs to go

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine is looking into another controversial tactic to fight climate change.

This time, it's carbon dioxide removal and sequestration.

The term encompasses several techniques that pull greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and keep them from going back, thereby reducing warming. And scientists say the world needs to figure out what works and when to use it.

“Can we pull it out again and stick it someplace where it won't do any harm?” asked Princeton University professor Stephen Pacala, who is chairing the National Academies committee for carbon dioxide removal and sequestration. “This is a tall order, because we've put a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere.”

Scientists are concerned about the unintended consequences of nurturing ecosystems to breathe in more carbon dioxide or building machines that react with greenhouse gases and sequester them. There isn't much research out there on the economics and effectiveness of these strategies.

Many activists are worried that carbon dioxide removal technologies will detract from climate change mitigation efforts, that they will cost too much, or that nations will see them as a license to keep polluting.

“The No. 1 outcome we wanted to make clear is there is no substitute for mitigation and adaptation,” Waleed Abdalati, a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, said at a public meeting of the National Academies yesterday in Washington, D.C.

The pace of humanity's greenhouse gas emissions output continues to grow, and even with international targets for curbing emissions, many scientists project that the world will overshoot a target of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

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Scientists Are Engineering Carbon-Storing Plants to Fight Climate Change
In Brief One of the biggest environmental challenges we face is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Now, scientists have established a method of engineering plants to address this issue.




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