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The Official Futuretimeline Book!

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Poll: Futuretimeline Book (19 member(s) have cast votes)

Should we attempt to make a Futuretimeline book?

  1. Voted Sounds neat! Let's do it! (11 votes [57.89%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 57.89%

  2. Not really into the idea. (3 votes [15.79%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 15.79%

  3. I like the idea but I find it difficult to imagine that it could happen. (5 votes [26.32%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 26.32%

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Aw, I was all pumped. Hope the FT book comes out good though!
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I can't find it now, but there was a recent post about the abysmal revenue picture for this site. 


At first, I couldn't think of anything constructive to say.  Then an idea popped into my head.  (Careful, such ideas are often hair brained and very dangerous. Proceed at your own risk).  I remember that a long time ago (long by the standards of this forum) I posted a question about Windows Project Planner.  I was surprised by how many project planning software packages were available.  It seems like such a software provider (or providers) would be ideal as advertisers for here.  After all, readers are pre-disposed to think in terms of timeline planning.


Along the same lines, perhaps an interactive product could be developed for academic users.  One that would facilitate the development of timelines using chronological data.  The user could type in general topics and then the software could suggest major dates for inclusion.  Programmers could start with a limited number of topics (the Reformation for example) and expand from there.  Other parameters could also be built in.  How many entries do you want your timeline to have?...for example. 


I think we have already made steps in that direction here.  I also think this approach might be scalable - starting off with something relatively simple and then adding complexity as it develops.


Like I said  - proceed at your own risk.

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...or maybe we should just look into an Initial Public Offering (IPO):


2018 could bring the IPOs that tech has been promised for years






After years of drought and parched conditions, the U.S. tech IPO market could see a number of well-known players push forward with their debuts in 2018. That sentiment is grounded in the number of companies currently rumored to have filed or started preparation for a public debut.


However, the wave may not manifest. In the past few years, there has been a surprising dearth of IPO activity.


That lack of tech IPOs matters for the technology industry as liquidity is often the stuff that drives reinvestment. Notably, raising capital hasn’t been a problem for venture capitalists. But different forms of money are distorting the tech ecosystem’s makeup. It may be harder to raise seed money than before. That said, it may be easier to raise super-late-stage funds. Hell, even pre-seed has cropped up due to the market’s current oddities.


But venture capitalists are, to some degree, raising on borrowed time. Paper returns must become real at some point. And given the sheer towering amount of frozen value amongst the Valley’s unicorns, there is quite a lot of defrosting to get to.


Therefore, 2018’s IPO market matters quite a lot. With that in mind, let’s peek at the state of unicorns looking to go public.

The principles of justice define an appropriate path between dogmatism and intolerance on the one side, and a reductionism which regards religion and morality as mere preferences on the other.   - John Rawls

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