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Obesity in ancient times

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How common was obesity in ancient times, centuries and thousands of years ago?If you think logically, obesity should be quite rare since most people had a very active physical life because they used to do a lot of physical work and people didn't used to eat so much as people eat nowadays.Food in ancient times was also much healthier, as it wasn't processed and it hadn't so much fat, sugar and sodium as most food nowadays have(And more important food was natural).So even if the average person used to eat a lot in ancient times, most of them wouldn't end up overweight or obese due to their active physical lifestyle, as they weren't so sedentary as nowadays.


There are some exemple of obese people in ancient times.People say that the emperor Nero was very fat and Napoleon was very fat too(even if that's true).Are there another exemples as well?


Another thing, was gynecomastia also rare in ancient times as well as big breasted women as many people say that most women were flat chested in those times?




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How common was obesity in ancient times


As far as i know, among Arab men obesity considered as sign of social success. I suspect this was more common in the ancient times.




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Well, among my arab men, they don't consider obesity good. Unless making fun of fat people is good. Chubby, maybe, but obesity, no.

In the past, the highers on the social heirarchy would fat, and it was considered a trait of prestige but at the same time, a trait of gluttony.

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Hi guys, I’m definitely not a supporter of those who believe that this is normal. I studied this question a bit, as the worst situation in the USA is now known, I recommend https://studydriver....ity-in-america/ for a more detailed and in-depth study of this topic, a problem known all over the world. These articles list various examples from people's lives, McDonald’s influence, comparisons across countries and continents, expert suggestions and recommendations, and much more. Think about your future now, much is in your hands!

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Obesity probably only was a problem among the wealthiest and powerful people of a society, but it was probably rare until food production was advanced enough to ensure famines and other threats to food production could be survivable. No working person would be obese, simply because they did not have enough food to eat to become obese. 

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