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Artificial Firefly

Japan robotics drone ultrasonic propulsion technology is magic microtechnology acoustic levitation

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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I want to say that I called it. I could've sworn that I came up with a technology a lot like this a while back.
EDIT: Yeah, five years ago back in 2013.

Fairies/Dancing Fairies/Fairies From Hell: Fairies are a type of lazar used for many civilian functions. These appear to be strings of light that dance across the air (hence ‘dancing fairies’). One might equate them to floating Christmas lights. Some remain solidly lit; others blink and strobe. They don’t appear solid but instead resemble like fireflies, if fireflies were strung together. They don’t always appear in formation, but can: a very common dancing fairy is one that appears like a strobing crescent.
The lights themselves are small, again akin to fire flies to about the size of a base ball.
Fairies are actually luminescent nanites, much like lazars.
They are most commonly used for decoration: they’re cheap and fine replacements for glitter. They also can be used to scout out woodland areas, such as for hunting or camping. In that regard, they can replace lanterns and street lights, which allows for a mass de-wiring, though luminescent matter can do a better job of that, as does augmented reality.

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And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.



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Now all we need is a swarm. The wireless powering is very cool but there can probably be better ways of locomotion than acoustic levitation?

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