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A Real World 'Star Trek' Replicator Is Now Possible Thanks To New Breakthrough

nanotechnology molecular nanotechnology matter replicator molecular assembler Star Trek nanofabrication carbon nanotube 3D printing material science phase changing material

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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A Real World 'Star Trek' Replicator Is Now Possible Thanks To New Breakthrough

A startup with alumni from MIT and Yale says it's made a breakthrough in creating a next-generation material that should make it possible to 3-d print literally anything out of thin air.
New York-based Mattershift has managed to create large-scale carbon nanotube (CNT) membranes that are able to combine and separate individual molecules.
"This technology gives us a level of control over the material world that we've never had before," said Mattershift Founder and CEO Dr. Rob McGinnis in a release. "For example, right now we're working to remove CO2 from the air and turn it into fuels. This has already been done using conventional technology, but it's been too expensive to be practical. Using our tech, I think we'll be able to produce carbon-zero gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels that are cheaper than fossil fuels."

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Think Mattershift will become an everyday common name for the molecular factory?


"Hey, I'm gonna use the mattershift in a second..."



Hmmm... sounds plausible.

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Make food with it that people can eat and allow us to feed the entire world.


End hunger!!!




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looks like it's decent for creating chemical solutions, so as a bulk ingredient creator sounds great. Depends on how easy it is to change from one set of ingredients to another.


Right now making any food from it looks like it would be a pretty big complicated and probably not perfect process.


I do actually prefer this as a means of changing CO2 into other forms. I'd like to see it used to make plastics, carbon fiber, diamond and graphene.

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