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An observation about Amazon's upcoming (2019) home robot

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Recall that Amazon is building a home robot:
Rumors are that it's to move Alexa around the house.  Surely, an Alexa-mover robot is not all they have in mind -- as I have a hard time imagining it would be that useful to people. It's got to do something more than that.

But what capability might they add? How about grasping ability, to pick, place, and maybe declutter a room?

But is Amazon working on robot grasping? Clearly they are -- they have even hosted a competition the past several years, called the Amazon Picking Challenge, to design a highly accurate robot grasper and picker. People have assumed that this is about improving their warehouse robots (and making a good impression on potential young roboticsts to hire), but maybe it has a dual use. Maybe, all along, they have been thinking about home robots.

This would also be a great way to train their warehouse robots. In the home, people might be tolerant of a robot that can pick and place with 90% accuracy, perhaps leaving a few things on the floor, or misplacing them. But in a warehouse, a 10% error rate would be unacceptable. If you want to train robots to be highly accurate at grasping, what better way to acquire the training data than to build home robots that do the same task in millions of homes?

Anyways, just a theory...



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Dear God, I hope so. 

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