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Mind uploading processes

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The timeline in the 22nd century section says that the brain will be replaced by robotic components until the brain is entirely artifitial and then be transplanted into a robotic body.


But I think it won't be necessary to cut a person's skull in order to remove the brain.It wouldn't even be needed to be transplanted.We could use a quantum computer to scan and simulate the person' brain up to atomic level and then according to its simulation create an artifitial replica inside the artifitial body using a nanofactory, which would create the synthetic brain as the organ is simulated at atomic level. During the process the person would be put into sleep or biostasis ans when the patient wake up, their brain are artifitial and inside the robot. They would become an android and be no longer human.The person would wakeup as a brand new robot.In other words, the brain wouldn't even be needed to be transplanted.The organic body would be considered dead.Or the brain could be replaced inside the organic human body and then be teleported into the head of the robot body.


Am I right?Will this procedure become possible?I think the mind uploading section need a rewrite and the entire 22nd century and the far future sections as well.



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It would be possible, but if you take an organic brain and add computer bits to it, you're still you, just with computer bits.

Then eventually you remove the last organic bits, but you're still you, just with all computer bits. You have continuity, your single self has evolved over time to be non-biological, but at all steps in the middle it was still you. 



If someone scans your brain and builds a robotic version, you could have 2 (or more!) of you alive at the same time, even if they then kill the organic version, what lives on is a robot clone of you rather than you. there is a disconnect between the biological version and the robotic version.


In purely practical terms this would make little difference to the end result, but many more people would be comfortable with the slow evolution, than would be comfortable with the quick replacement. So I think the more gradual process would be preferred  for a very long time. 

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