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Let's just say the Singularity doesn't happen in our lifetimes.

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I know consensus is totally against this, but LET'S JUST SAY that the Singularity does NOT happen within any of our lifetimes... How disappointed will you be? What would your reaction to this be?


I'm not saying it won't, but I'm curious to hear what others' reactions would be if they don't get to see it happen by the time they age, say, 85. "Singularitarianism" is an almost religious lifestyle to some (see https://en.wikipedia...gularitarianism), so I imagine it would be a very, very harsh disappointment to some.



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Unconcerned. Unsurprised. Whatever. Life will go on, even in 2084.

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There shouldn't be a religious aspect around it as a certainty but there should be some sort of contingency in place at the very least.

If nothing happens, technology will continue to steadily advance as it has, the changing environment will make it harder to thrive however. Nations will rise and fall, and eventually humanity will either colonize space or die out on this ball of dirt.
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I always imagined the future as a time of more reason, empathy, and peace, not less. It's time for a change.
Attention is currency in the "free marketplace of ideas".
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In my last breaths before natural death takes me I will kill myself as a way of saying **** you to the universe. That's not a nihilistic thing it's actually liberatory, and I'm not suicidal, unhappy or unfulfilled in my life don't worry :D


That act would genuinely be the last way I'd be able to rebel against reality, and I would take that opportunity, as my life will be decided to the best of my ability on my terms.

Current status: slaving away for the math gods of Pythagoras VII.




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Rather than starting an entirely new thread, please post in the existing one, which is clearly titled and pinned at the top of this sub-forum.



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