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Future of Brazil

future Brazil economics

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Hi guys, i'm new on the forum here's my first post.


I would like to know your opinions about the future here in Brazil. Do you guys think the world globalization will be so strong that the technological/social changes in the developed countries can make a significant impact here?


I'm afraid that these things will take much longer to arrives here like a UBI or a decent healthcare system and problably me and all the others brazilians will see the developed world advances so much that we will be left behind without any chances to tap in the awesome future of labor free and advanced longevity.


ps: sorry for my bad english :fie:




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Brazil will use more solar power in the future. 



It could become a net energy exporter in the next decade. 



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I would expect that if some more advanced nations manage to get to the point in automation where they need UBI etc. the one thing robots wont eliminate would be the need for natural resources. 


In fact if nations are building vast numbers of automated factories (or one or two city sized automated factories), the limit on production may just be available resources. 


Brazil has a lot of those, so it would be worth Fully Developed* nations sharing this technology and investing in brazil to increase resource production. With the example of nations where this sort of thing was working and bringing better lives to people, countries like brazil would have a roadmap to follow, and probably either companies or national governments that would be willing to help implement the needed technologies.


So assuming the world doesn't break down into war and destruction, I think the benefits will spread to everyone eventually, regardless of who gets it right first.


*fully developed meaning nearly every essential task is automated and only a small proportion of the population needs to work to keep everything running. 


EDIT: A fully automated brazil would need it's resources for itself, but I'm sure a country or company could come in and say "hey we will automate your steel industry in exchange for 20% of the greatly increased production for the next 10 years" and by the time those deals ran out those nations would need to be mining asteroids.

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