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Upgrade film (2018, in theaters now)

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I saw the film a few weeks ago.  It's a low-budget ($5 million) Blumhouse "body horror" film; but has good special effects, and feels like a $50+ million movie.  


The story is decent.  Some have complained about the dialog; but I thought it was ok.  


Logan Marshall-Green does a phenomenal job acting.  His brooding demeanor is so convincing you might wonder if he is channelling some dark, depressed part of his soul (or "soul").


There are lots of familiar scifi themes in the work:  human enhancement, self-driving cars, AI and the dangers of superintelligence, VR wire-heading, home robots, and drones, just to name a few.  The future in this film screams "cyberpunk", "dystopic".  It even has gender-ambiguous hackers that can be contacted on the Dark Web -- like something from The Matrix or the movie Hackers.

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This is really sad: the other day, I was looking to see if there was any more news on the rumored DC Comics film about Mister Miracle, to be made by Ava Duvenay (whose work tends to be hit-or-miss -- her A Wrinkle in Time movie was awful; but Selma was excellent -- amazing film, and a perfect music score, too). Logan Marshall-Green had been lobbying hard to get her to make him the star of that film. And then I discovered that he is going through a messy divorce with his wife Diane Gaeta. She totally torched him in a series of interviews!:

YouTube Video


She not only accused him of infidelity with a dancer-actress Sarah Hay (I think she said she was their daughter's ballet instructor, but could be wrong), but aired all kinds of really embarrassing "dirty laundry" (including that he made a pornographic video of himself and sent it to one of his mistresses -- I could be mistaken, and would have to listen again). She accused him of "gaslighting" her, making her think she was crazy about previous infidelities, and said that he "strangled" her to unconsciousness (she use words like "choked her out" and then "when I came to", which sounds like "unconsciousness") for just a second when she confronted him about one (I can't believe he did that; perhaps he just put pressure on her carotid artery or something to calm her down? -- bad, but not as bad as strangling) -- she said that, and the fact she thought she was crazy, caused her to try to kill herself at an Airbnb they were staying at, while he was being filmed for a TV show or movie. When the paramedics arrived, she said they asked, "did he put his hands on you?", and she said she covered for him, and said, "no". She also mentioned how someone told her that his email was in the "Ashley Madison" leak. And she accused him of being a "narcissist" (probably no more than your typical Hollywood actor -- she said she doesn't want to date any more actors).

She seems genuine, but very high-strung.

He hasn't tried to offer a defense for these allegations. It will probably do more harm than good, as she strikes me as the kind of person to dump on him even more, if he does.

My guess is that the truth is somewhere in the middle here: as I said, she seems very high-strung, and I'm guessing what he did wasn't as bad as she has made it out to be. It sounds like she thought he was cheating with basically every actress he worked with.

I find it sad, as I had never heard of the guy before the film Upgrade, and thought: here's a guy on the up-and-up, doing good work in indie films, that could make it to the big league with a multi-million-dollar contract in a DC Comics film. I'm guessing that's in doubt, now. Hopefully after a few months or years this divorce and the embarrassing stuff will blow over. (At least he hasn't been accused of sexual harassment, like other stars.) He's not young -- and not old, either; but he's old enough to where the window is closing for him to become a star, and be set for life.


Honestly, though, I want to see some Diane Gaeta films now. She's got spunk. She's got that New York Ocasio-Cortez thing going. She either just finished filming one, or is in the process -- I'll have to take a look.

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