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Primitive FIVR: Temporary Full Immersion By "Virtual Waking"

virtual reality FIVR full immersion lucid dreaming oculus rift VR mixed reality philosophy psychology Vive

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Yuli Ban

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There's a peculiar phenomenon that occurs when people accidentally go to sleep while still wearing VR headsets. When they wake up, their minds do not fully register that they are still in a virtual environment, leading them to believe that everything around them is real!
Read more:

For a brief moment, virtual reality becomes your reality. But for right now, the only way to achieve this effect is to go to sleep and wake up in a virtual world. It's an interesting little shortcut.
My favorite comment:

My first one was in Elite: Dangerous on the Oculus DK2. I played for about 5 hours and got really tired, decided to shut all systems off except life support and fell asleep. I woke up a while later to find my ship had spun around to face the nearest star, and I awoke to a massive sunrise. I was totally absorbed for a little bit, not sure if it was a lucid dream or something, before I looked down and saw my lifeless in-game body.
For exploration games, I could see it being very peacefull to sleep/wake in some environments. I may try it with Minecraft soon.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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I've said before how I think a form of FIVR could be built, using a read-write BCI.  Here it is:
First, you need a way to put someone into a lucid dream state.  I assume this is possible with the right drugs.
Next, you monitor their brain state at a rough level (neural populations); and then stimulate certain voxels and dampen others, so as to nudge the brain activity towards a pattern corresponding to the "story" you want them to live.  
You probably don't need to get things perfect -- just in the ballpark, and then the brain will find a way to work with it.  It's kind of like one of William Gibson's rules of tech prediction:

...the street finds its own uses for things

Nonetheless, you could probably select what they should see to a very high degree of specificity. You can even give them some leeway in what they choose to see (this is where the reading part comes in, to figure out what action they are choosing).

The best part is that you wouldn't need very much computing power, since the brain, itself, is what would be generating the world. You would just need enough to read from (and interpret) and write to the brain, keeping them "on the reservation".

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