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10 Historic Predictions That Turned Out To Be True

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In the year 1000, a civil engineer by the name of Mr. Watkins, wrote an article in a home journal titled ‘What May Happen In The Next 100 Years’.

I think they mean 1900.

This is the best one, since it likely is based on scientific extrapolation:

Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist from the late nineteenth century, predicted the modern-day periodic table nearly perfectly. In 1863, at a time when there were only 60 elements known. He further predicted the other 40 element’s properties and weights. Now, that is what you call passion combined with dedication in research.

I guess also H. G. Well's prediction was also extrapolation; except that he didn't know about self-sustaining nuclear chain-reactions -- actual nuclear and thermonuclear bombs are likely much, much greater in energy output then he ever imagined possible.

The other predictions are mostly just guesses or are obvious extrapolations.

Another scientific prediction that I like was Paul Dirac's positron. He had developed models that suggested they ought to exist, and it turned out that they did.

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