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Acute Future Shock, Or How Change Is Happening Far Too Quickly To Handle

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Yuli Ban

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Remember when I said we are suffering from future shock? Awareness is spreading. 
Read this Reddit thread.

Holy fuck. I struggle to wrap my head around how much the world has changed since I was born. Hell since I was 16. And I'm fucking 23.
I don't think humans are even remotely equipped to deal with this level of change happening today, and it's god damn awesome.

I'm 23, too! And I agree. 

I know what you mean. I was watching a thing on my TV about 9/11 and was wondering why the footage was so grainy and limited in how much there was, and then I remembered that in 2001 people didn't carry around HD cameras in their pockets all the time like they do now. And then I remembered that they didn't actually start carrying around what you'd call a modern smart phone until ~2009!
Incidentally I was watching this on my smart tv and changed the channel through the voice recognition remote and restarted the program after I changed the channel because it looked interesting. After I finished I went to bed, and asked alexa to turn off the lights.
All of this would have been considered sci-fi awesomeness only 10 years ago and it's made me think. What will the next 10 years hold!

Now recall what I wrote a couple months back: https://www.futureti...g/2018/08/7.htm
All of this change has occurred within just a couple lifetimes. There are still humans who were alive when their expected lives were indistinguishable from that of their ancestors in Antiquity, with the effects of the Industrial Revolution not reaching them until they were older in years.

[AI is] Unlikely to be [invented] in our lifetime

Everyone who says this underestimates how much change can happen in a lifetime as well as how long a lifetime is. Especially when you say it's probably going to be by the 80-100 years mark— which is still within our lifetimes. Not necessarily during our youths, but someone who's my age will likely live to be about 80 years old barring any medical breakthroughs, which means I'll likely naturally clock out around 2074 or so. In my case, my family typically lives into their 90s, so I can almost expect to see the 2080s. If I live as long as my grandmother— 96 years old (which is closer to the norm for my mother's side)— then that means I'll live to about 2090. To put that into perspective, let's say you take it back a century. Right now, we're in 1918. The most powerful computer on Earth was a 60-year-old prototype of Babbage's Analytical Engine. Digital computing literally did not exist and wouldn't for another generation. Analog computing barely existed. Besides the analytical engine (which was never completed), I think the only other major analog computers out there were clocks or sunken at the bottom of the Mediterranean (IIRC, I think there was a differential equations solver developed in the late 1800s?). By 1990, Turing complete supercomputers were reaching the gigaflop scale.
It just rings to me as conveniently slowing down what's going on more for ease of mind.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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Compar the invention and advancment in the first half of the 20th century , and you get future coma , not Future Shock.


People that remember previous decades , are very disappointed and underwhelmed.

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