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The Psychological effects of VR

The Psychological effects of

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I've often thought about this but say matrix level VR worlds were available indistinguishable from the real thing were developed with perfect sensory feedbacks. First there would be a real world sim with things just a little better or living a perfect moment from your own memory. After a time more strange ones would emerge; live in the Lord of the Rings universe for a decade, or Star Wars Universe. The tech will also mature for you to develop your own worlds and this is where I think things get strange. Let's say you develop them either consciously or subconsciously (with the latter being more powerful) you would spend a lot of time in these worlds and with them indulging your every whim how would that affect your mental landscape? Our world has social rules which define the person you are and make certain things taboo and others not but if those restrictions were withdrawn what would happen to your personality? A world populated not by your social friends but by people of your own making who react to you just perfectly, wouldn't returning to real people in the virtual world be a shock? Suddenly you cannot predict their behaviour and certain people start behaving like assholes which doesn't happen in the virtual world you created so you retreat there. I feel you could potentially become a child again, someone who is indulged in everything becomes a bit of an unlikeable person, spending all your time in a virtual world where everyone thinks you're great and no one treats you badly wouldn't that unequip you with the tools you needed to get along in the normal social world, almost like a form of self induced brain washing. Same goes for other traits like say you began murdering people in there one day, isn't a pyschotic break inevitable at that level of realism? Not to mention the problem of spending far too much time in VR landscapes which are not healthy for you and it becoming the equivalent of an addictive drug you wont want to break. I see people with atrophied minds from playing too much COD o the XBOX imagine a real world environment where anything is possible? The ultimate designer escape fantasy? Is that a good thing? I really think in these virtual worlds laws would have to be put in place either that or systems would need to monitor your mental landscape for signs of irregularities. I think when you're free to indulge in anything you could quickly become an asshole...or a monster. It would be a form of censorship I suppose but considering the alternatives I think there's only so much the human mind should be exposed to and the basis of keeping us in check is rules. It would also need to monitor time frames spent in these places should is start to adversely effect you but then there is the concept of VR withdrawal. Will it become the new heroine? I'm also skipping over loads of things like cybernetic cognative enhancements which may make a person above all this or intelligent enough to find it either childish or recognise the dangers but it's still an interesting thought I think. 



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Interesting thoughts!


I think this would definitely be a danger. I think with most people they would get bored without any sort of challenge, and that would lead them to playing multiplayer or creating things which they'd then share, and so they'd have plenty of human interaction and the natural social pressures and feedbacks from that. 


Anyone who is not employed using their hands (and by the time we get to matrix level VR robots will be better) can live and work in VR while still being a productive citizen. So someone spending all their time in it isn't necessarily a bad thing on its own (assuming you have some capsule or something that keeps your body healthy like the matrix)


If some people are actually happy living in a single player vr sim being a complete asshole to their imaginary friends and they obey the laws IRL then at least its not hurting anyone else. 


Of course people who have gone crazy from too much freedom in vr would probably not be happy, (or content to obey the law IRL) so if it was something that happened a lot we'd have to move towards shared simulations with rules and limits to keep people from going nuts.


Which, if you think about it sounds a bit like the matrix, where the machines gave people paradise, and people rejected it so they put them in a simulation of the real world. 




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I want VR indistinguishable from reality, so I can escape my life. 

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People want to escape from their lives, especially people with self-image issues. The type of people that would role-play as anime characters online.

I don't like escape. In fact, my whole philosophy has to do with purging distraction and escape from life to achieve one's great influence on the world, with an understanding of god's nature. I think people should build themselves instead of escape themselves.

HOWEVER, I understand how bad superficiality affects society. Genetically, I'm not ugly, but others are and it's unendingly unfair to misjudge a beautiful mind with circumstance. So, in that way, I'm fine with it. I think its deserved to judge another for their mind and not their face. However, I like my face, so I don't know what to think about it.

The Prophet (saw) said: He who does not thank the people is not thankful to Allah.

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