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Ancient alien theory

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I'm new to this but I fell asleep and had the first dream I ever remember in detail.And I can't get it off my mind. So I thought sharing it might help so here it goes. It began with a planet in turmoil two major factors fighting for hundreds of years if not thousands. They had fought to the point there was hardly no-one left. They had also depleted all natural resources so much it was causing catastrophic environmental conditions. The scientists that were left knew the planet was doomed. They also knew the only planet that they might be able to survive on was the one closest to them. Earth it was very young and primitive but they had no choice.They were going to earth but the atmosphere was more different than they expected. And the creatures were many and dangerous.So they built several bases on earth.Some reason they couldn't reproduce. Probably the environmental damage on there planet. After they had been here a min. They're planet exploded after all the damage they had done to it. They had built there bases knowing it was going to explode. Hence Way under ground and under the ocean. Then a large piece struck the planet. Thus the extension of the dinosaurs.After a long long time it was safe to emerge. When they did there was only a few left and they had to do something.And then they saw first primates and knew what they had to do to save they're knowledge and engineering. So they began experimenting with the primates trying to develop a being that could survive the planet.But realized once the first ones were created they had to separate them.Encest was causing issues so the experiments were placed on separate continents.And a different (Skygod)was put in charge of each civilization. To teach us the knowledge and engineering. Eventually they moved to space travel. On earth they aged rapidly. So they began to travel in space.The last thing before I woke was them observing us from a ship in space but there were lights flickering all over the planet. I guess it was modern times. Weird huh??

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