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Planet found orbiting Barnard's star

barnards star planets exoplanets interstellar space holy shit

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Astronomers found a 'cold super-Earth' less than 6 light-years away — and it may be the first rocky planet we'll photograph beyond the solar system



  • Astronomers think they've found a "cold super-Earth" exoplanet orbiting Barnard's star.
  • Barnard's star, less than six light-years from us, is the closest single-star system to our sun.
  • The new world, called Barnard's star b, or GJ 699 b, is at least 3.2 times as massive as Earth.
  • It orbits in its parent star's "snow line," a region at the edge of a star'shabitable zone where scientists suspect most rocky planets form.
  • This roughly Earth-size exoplanet may be the first to be photographed by a new generation of powerful telescopes.






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1% chance of detection with Gaia. 10% chance if they put some HST time to it. If HST does not detect it, then an upper mass of 8 Earth-masses can be obtained. WFIRST may have a ~99% chance of detecting it.

Prospects for detecting the astrometric signature of Barnard's Star b




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like a big, bald Mars.

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So when are the generation ships being built?
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