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My Reference List

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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So how did I do it? How did I manage to post "Yuli Banularities"? Where did I find all those sources? 


It's really not as complicated as it sounds!


  1. /r/Futurology
  2. /r/Singularity
  3. /r/Energy
  4. /r/Solar
  5. /r/Nanotech
  6. /r/Artificial
  7. /r/ThisIsTheWayItWillBe (invite only)
  8. /r/Automate
  9. /r/WorldNews
  10. /r/News
  11. /r/MediaSynthesis
  12. /r/Transhuman
  13. Singularity Hub
  14. Futurism
  15. Nanowerk
  16. ExtremeTech
  17. NextBigFuture
  18. Electrek
  19. Green Tech Media
  20. IEEE Spectrum
  21. Google search: Artificial Intelligence
  22. Google search: robotics
  23. Google search: solar energy
  24. Google search: DeepMind
  25. Google search: passenger drones
  26. Google search: bionic arm
  27. Google search: virtual reality
  28. Google search: augmented reality
  29. Google search: SpaceX
  30. Google search: quantum computer


There's almost always new stories coming out under at least ten of these links every day, but it's typically a bit more mundane or pure vaporware. Occasionally, there's a massive wave of goodies. And this obviously isn't all the links I used. It's more of a starter pack. Especially with the Google searches: once you discover that the "news" link exists for Google searches, finding these stories becomes that much easier. Especially if you limit it to just the past week or so. 


I was going to list KurzweilAI, but apparently they stopped hosting news updates altogether. I was also going to list Gigaom, but they've become completely different from the way they were in 2014 when they were arguably the highest quality sci-tech site. It's still that way, but they've become heavily paywalled  for plenty of articles and the format's much different, so I'd say it's hit or miss. Still a good choice.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.



    Anarchist without an adjective

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This thread might already exist, but a reference list for good empirical arguments like the global warming master thread on this forum would be really useful too. Maybe I'll do some searching and compile that. There are actually some things just posting a link should satisfy when engaging in good faith. 




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The problem with arguing facts about global warming is that people don't trust the facts.  Trust is the central  issue, not facts or "framing":




Another problem is that people don't really learn the facts well enough to argue persuasively.  People arguing for Global Warming tend to fall back on debate skills, rather than challenge claims directly.  For example, this kind of argument is common:


Denier:  well, you know the medieval warm period was warmer than today.



And then someone who uses debate skills, rather than facts, might say:


Debate-club-guy:  but that doesn't mean we won't see a much greater rise by the end of the century.



What they should have said was:


Guy-who-knows-the-facts:  no, it wasn't.  It was cooler during the medieval warm period than now, even in the Northern Hemisphere.  


In argument, deniers will just brazenly say things that are false; and unless you know the facts really well, it will catch you off guard.

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