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Far-right former Dutch lawmaker who said the Quran is ‘poison’ converts to Islam

religion right-wing far-right

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Europe used to have a fascination with Islam:


I'm not actually sure where the sentiment came from. Perhaps it's something like from an Indiana Jones movie, where Islam and Arabic and Persian culture were seen as something exotic and enticing.

I don't think Islam is any better or worse than any of the other major religions -- Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism. They all are contradictory in some ways, and all espouse violence in some form or other. Whether someone practicing a religion becomes violent mostly comes down to culture and interpretation.

Perhaps in the future there will be a fusion of all the "religions of the book": Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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Between this and the neo-Nazi who converted to Islam and killed his mates, I've noticed this same trend with Islamophobes and anti-Muslims— they're typically conservative Christian-or-atheist nationalists who hate PC culture and feminism and thus only view things in a black and white perspective: libtards and SJWs defend Muslims against white imperialism and Muslims did 9/11, so therefore Islam sucks. The worshippers are violent, pedo-cultist, Sharia Law degenerates who worship a pagan moon god called 'Allah'. The Quran is up there with Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto in terms of "most evil books ever." 


These types usually don't progress that far past this stage and will vehemently reject reality by denying the fact "Allah" is just "God" in another language and Allah is actually the same Abrahamic god (i.e. Yahweh or Jehovah) worshipped by Jews and Christians and Jesus Christ is actually the most important figure in the Quran. And why? Because they've never actually read the Quran beyond a scant few cherrypicked passages that emphasize the violence. Sort of like their relationship to the (King James) Bible, for that matter. 


But some do because they take the "Know Your Enemy" maxim seriously. This is typically where some will be converted because they will start studying the thing they're supposed to hate and sometimes realize that the other side actually has a point. With far-rightists and Islam, this often manifests with them becoming Muslim. And why? Because they read the Quran and look at Islamic countries and realize that it's everything they actually want. They grow dissatisfied with what "liberal Christianity" has accomplished and the only step from there is for them to realize that Islamic countries are they way they are because of imperialism and war mongering more than any inherent fault with Islam itself. And that's it: you now have an alt-right white Muslim. 


Because think about what the traditionalist and paleoconservative right wants: re-establishment of the traditional family, social hierarchy, complete destruction of feminism, ethnically conscious community, religious spirituality, blood and soil exaltation of labor and rural values, and return of patriarchal norms. This is the reality in Islamic countries and the Quran professes all these things. The Bible does too, but Christian countries today are too wealthy and liberal. Christian groups typically parrot these same progressive ideals, but with a Christian flavor. 


Islam is in a unique position in modern society in that it is still socially conservative compared to Christianity, but it is protected by progressive groups. It's still growing. Thus, to many rightists, Islam represents the new hope for conservatism. It hasn't taken off with the right wing as a whole for obvious reasons (they're conservatives, keyword "conserve"), but if Christianity continues to flounder and the West continues following a progressive path, I could see the alt-right turning around and embracing Islam to undermine the progressive movement.



Edit: There's also the "White Sharia" movement. For all that the right screams about "Sharia law coming to America/the UK/Australia/Sweden/etc.", it's interesting to note that many have started to say "And there's nothing wrong with that." Keep the phrase "Sharia law" and replace the group from Muslims to Christians, and almost all of the same people raging against Sharia law would come out in support of it. It was only a matter of time before some became consciously aware of this.


And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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All those religions (Buddhism Shinto est , too) , were part of traditional cultures ; with increasing movement away from traditionalism , all of them with mutate out of existence.

While the neurological basis of religions/the divine (separate and allied to spirituality) will remain in/with the religious folks , the sociological anthropological dimension will go away with changes to human sociology and anthropology


The rout of traditionalism->humanism will continue (and obviously ->transhumanism).


I intentionally omit the right/left , with the hope that this western provincialism will go away faster.



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So, all of that because they're not getting their "deserved" turn in getting laid?



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